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Protecting Medical Cannabis Patients with Clean Cannabis

Protecting Medical Cannabis Patients with Clean Cannabis

  You can provide a clean, quality, medical grade cannabis product free from heavy chemicals or microbial contaminants. And, there’s a way you can easily meet state regulations for microbial load, mycotoxin presence, and pesticide residue. With the growing acceptance of medical cannabis, state regulations and testing requirements for farmers were, in some states, a […]

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cleaning up and preventing powdery mildew in your drying room

Cleaning up and Preventing Powdery Mildew in Your Drying Room

  If your buds have moved to the drying room, your product is in the home stretch. But with the threat of powdery mildew lurking everywhere, your product may be vulnerable even after it dries. Cleaning your cannabis drying room is a strong first step to preventing powdery mildew infections on freshly-harvested product, and saving […]

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more effective than spraying buds before harvest

More Effective Than Spraying Buds Before Harvest

The sight of powdery mildew on your cannabis buds and leaves is more than enough to inspire dread in even the most seasoned cannabis growers. Dealing with an infection means taking steps to prevent the spread and limit damage. Many growers, when they see powdery mildew, respond by spraying their buds before harvest with harsh […]

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an efficient alternative to bud washing

An Efficient Alternative to Bud Washing for Cannabis

You go to great lengths for the health of your product and the consumer, creating an ideal environment for growing cannabis. You ensure tools and personnel are clean before entering the grow room, and cure your product in a controlled area, before (potentially) finally sending it off for testing. Even if you’re in a state […]

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holding clean cannabis provide clean cannabis to meet new demand

Provide Clean Cannabis to Meet New Demand

Legalization in new states and new legislation in others is poised to create new demand for clean cannabis products. As an indoor grower, you have a unique opportunity to provide clean cannabis with no mold or bacterial contamination – and you can do it organically. Clean cannabis goes beyond contamination. Of course, the expectation in […]

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Cannabis Quality Management Starts With Clean Air

Consistency, safety, and control over outcomes are the hallmarks of quality in a wide variety of industries. Quality management for cannabis means reaching these goals, but with a unique set of variables to control. Water and fertilizer distribution are simple, and growth stages are predictable for most strains – but there’s at least one unknown […]

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cannabis compliance made simple

Cannabis Compliance Made Simple

No matter what state you’re growing in, regulations in the cannabis industry can be exacting, and many localities and agencies enforce strict compliance standards. Microbial load measurements, chemical restrictions, and organic standards all play into how you can produce your crop depending on your goals – and they can complicate the process. AiroClean420 makes it […]

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Managing microbial load on Cannabis

Managing Microbial Load on Cannabis

You strive to provide the best product possible, and that means meeting safety standards and ensuring your cannabis is compliant. In many states where commercial marijuana is legal, there are strict limits on the allowed microbial load on your cannabis. Today we’ll illustrate how you can limit microbial contamination on your crops, and the technology […]

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passing your cannabis compliance tests

Passing Your Cannabis Compliance Tests

Growing and selling cannabis means adhering to strict industry standards to ensure quality and safety for the end consumer. These standards vary from state to state – but most of them involve controlling microbes, contaminants, and chemicals on your plants. It takes careful consideration of your grow environment to limit these threats to your crops. […]

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Don't let cannabis compliance cost you - Learn how to avoid big losses

How Cannabis Compliance Can Cost You

Commercial growers know there is a lot more to cultivating cannabis than keeping plants alive with a green thumb. Your crop is the product medical patients and retail consumers trust to be high-quality. There are several ways to keep your facility compliant. With over 1,500 units in North American facilities, AiroClean420 air purification systems have helped […]

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