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Cannabis Compliance Made Simple

cannabis compliance made simple

No matter what state you’re growing in, regulations in the cannabis industry can be exacting, and many localities and agencies enforce strict compliance standards. Microbial load measurements, chemical restrictions, and organic standards all play into how you can produce your crop depending on your goals – and they can complicate the process. AiroClean420 makes it simple with powerful and effective air purification. Reduce or eliminate your reliance on insecticide, fungicide, and other harmful chemicals – here’s how AiroClean420 makes cannabis compliance simple.

Easy Microbial Load Compliance

In some states, the viability of your entire harvest can come down to the amount of microbial contaminants, fungi, and bacteria settled on your plants. Some harvests may need to be processed into extract to avoid exposing consumers to these contaminants – but there is the possibility that an entire harvest will need to be destroyed because of the microbial load on the plants. Compliance becomes much simpler when you eliminate the airborne source of these threats with air purification.

Growing Organic Cannabis is Simpler Than Ever

Adherence to organic standards means minimizing the use of pesticides and other chemicals – which requires some clever answers to common farming problems. One of those issues is preventing airborne fungus and other contaminants from landing on and destroying your plants. Air purification with AiroClean420 eliminates the problem entirely, without the use of harmful chemicals on your organic cannabis, and without any emissions.

AiroClean420 Removes the Guesswork

Installing an AiroClean420 system is simple, and it easily provides the protection you need to maintain these cannabis compliance standards. First, start with the measurements of your facility – using our calculator, you can determine how many units it takes to protect your space. Then it’s simply a matter of hanging or mounting your units, and switching them on for 24/7 protection. Elimination of airborne contaminants means a lower microbial load – and less reliance on chemical pesticides.

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Simple Compliance, Pure Air, Total Protection

Provide clean, pure air for your plants, without the harmful chemicals. AiroClean420 uses technology Developed for NASA to destroy contaminants and threats to your crop, and produces no harmful emissions. Use our calculator to see how many units you need in your grow, or contact us and we can talk about your facility.

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