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Increase Your Yield, Prevent Cannabis Fungus

Increase Your Yield, Prevent Cannabis Fungus

A variety of fungal threats surround your plants daily. In the air that circulates around your cannabis plants are fungal spores that can land, grow, and cause all kinds of headaches. Plants taken by fungus have to be thrown out, and that’s just one more plant you can’t add to your harvest. Even worse, a small fungal infection can grow to crop-threatening proportions and destroy all of your plants. Prevent this from happening and you could increase your yield – learn how with AiroClean420.

Fungal Threats

First, you have to know what you’re up against. There are many fungal threats that can compromise your crops. Mold, powdery mildew, and botrytis rot are all deadly and infectious – and most thrive in the same conditions as your cannabis plants need for growing. For cannabis fungus, the best method of control is prevention – you’ll need to keep fungal spores from landing on your plants. The ideal way to do that is to circulate clean, pure air through your facility.


Air purification is your best defense against airborne fungus, diseases, and other threats. Air quality is a highly important factor in indoor cannabis farming for just this reason. Carbon air filters can be cheaply made, ineffective, and unwieldy. A better solution is an air sanitization system, designed for efficiency and effectiveness – one that doesn’t produce harmful emissions or rely on dangerous chemicals.

A Better Solution for Preventing Cannabis Fungus

AiroClean420 was built using NASA-designed technology and purifies your air with the power of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). PCO produces no emissions or chemicals, only pure, clean air. Sanitizing the air in your facility, AiroClean420 eliminates threats and protects your crops. With pure air circulating around your plants, you can rest assured that your cannabis yield won’t be lost to airborne fungus.

Don’t Take Chances With Airborne Fungus

The health of your crop is top priority – don’t compromise it with an ineffective air purification system. AiroClean420 provides powerful, efficient purification for your cannabis plants. Protect your crops from fungus and disease, get a free facility proposal today and learn more about Airoclean420.

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