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Fight the powdery mildew! Kill it with Airoclean 420. Developed for NASA, Airoclean 420 safely kills powdery mildew and fungal diseases, sanitizing the air to 99.9995% purification. Airoclean 420 helps your plants and business thrive!

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Features and Benefits

Why Airoclean 420

Destroys powdery mildew

Maximizes cannabis
crop yield

Technology developed
for NASA

No emissions

No ozone

Easy to install

Pass compliance testing

Made in U.S.A.


Airoclean 420 Max and Airoclean 420 XL offer commercial growers two ways to rid your grow areas of powdery mildew, mold, bacteria, and harmful pathogens. Both are designed with Airoclean 420’s patented Photocatalytic Oxidation process that destroys contaminants. HEPA filters simply trap and then release them back into your grow environment. Airoclean 420 releases no ozone or emissions and uses no chemicals. Made in the U.S.A.

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Products for every type of grower

Airoclean 420 Home

The same technology used by commercial growers is available for use in your own home. Destroys powdery mildew, bacteria and pathogens with no emissions, no ozone no chemicals. Made in the USA. Easy to install and use.

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Airoclean 420 Max

Our most popular commercial air purifier, Airoclean 420 Max destroys powdery mildew, bacteria and pathogens with no emissions, no ozone and without using chemicals.

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Airoclean 420 XL

Upgrade the air purification in your commercial grow environment from HEPA filters that release harmful pathogens back into the grow environment.

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Maintenance Kits

Airocide’s only maintenance is the annual replacement of the reactor chamber which encases our proprietary UV lamps and catalyst for effective air purification. The maintenance kit also includes new filters to protect the catalyst and fan. Contact our customer service at sterilumen

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