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Powdery Mildew Control

Growers of all kinds grapple with powdery mildew, and cultivators who are growing cannabis indoors are no exception. The humidity and temperature ranges used for growing cannabis create the ideal conditions for mold and mildew to flourish. This can make powdery mildew control quite difficult. Some growers turn to temporary remedies to treat this fungal plant disease. Luckily, there is a better way than apple cider vinegar for treating powdery mildew. The most effective way to prevent powdery mildew from infecting your plants is to keep it out of the air, to begin with. Cleaning up your air will provide a safer atmosphere for your crops.

Our proven cannabis air purification system, Airoclean 420, is your solution for air quality problems. It uses powerful air purification technology to remove powdery mildew from the air before it has a chance to infect your cannabis plants. It is energy efficient and produces no emissions, so your plants will have the highest air quality possible throughout the growing cycle.

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