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Customer Testimonials

Our state of the art indoor grow facility installed 9 AiroClean420 units 2 years ago. We love the product and added layer of protection these units provide. With the best customer service in the business and proven reliability, we plan to add more units in the future. Easy to install, easy to use and maintain. AiroClean420 is by far the industry leader in air sanitizers!

Troy Evans, Senior Inventory Compliance Officer (SICO), Director of Cultivation. The Spot 420

At Perpetual Gardens we have Airclean420 units installed in all of our flowering and drying rooms. We have found this is the most useful tool available to prevent Powdery Mildew and decrease overall microbial loads in the dry space. We have not failed a microbial test since we installed the units. Thank you Airoclean420!

Andrew Patterson, Owner Perpetual Gardens

We were quite skeptical about the Airoclean420 at first. We had continually fought powdery mildew, it was always a struggle. Since installing units in veg and flowering, we saw a marked improvement immediately and subsequently, the PM issue has GONE AWAY. Thanks to the Airoclean420 our plants are producing better quantity and quality which is good for us and our patients.

Darcey Hansen, Mile High Remedies, LLC

The Airoclean 420 Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) scrubbers are the best plug-and-play units I have come across in my 20+ years in the business. I have successfully used them at scale in several remodels and operational turnarounds to combat severe, large-scale powdery mildew infestations. They eliminate the problem every time without fail, and with continued use, they offer insurance against re-infestation.

Cody Henderson, Head of facilities, Dragonfly

We have 300,000+ sq. ft. under roof. Our total flower canopy is expanded further because we utilize multi-tier racks in 75% of our flower rooms. This means that the complexity of maintaining consistent room environments becomes a greater challenge due to the micro-climates in rooms. The Airoclean420 max allowed us to purify our air in the larger grow rooms. After 1.5 years, we have had no issues with the units – and 100+ units installed.

David Lawson, Chief Operating Officer, TruFusion

We recently put the AiroClean420 unit to the test to see if it could help us in further raising the standard for high grade cannabis. Following several months of airborne contaminant testing we are thrilled to say that the AiroClean420 unit was more than capable of reducing the presence of airborne contaminants across the board.

Gareth Nelson, Waveseer