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When Cannabis Becomes Blighted

There are a few words that can strike fear in the hearts of even seasoned cannabis growers.  Mold. Mildew. Blight.  These infections creep into healthy plants and cause destruction capable of ruining entire crop yields when left unchecked. In particular, blight is an insidious disease that many growers will face – and by the time […]

Steps to Avoid Bud Rot

After months of hard work you have put forth into growing your cannabis plant, there is nothing more heartbreaking than discovering the presence of mold. Bud rot, or botrytis, can be hard to identify but by following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your plants healthy. What is bud rot? Bud rot is a […]

Things to Remember When Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing cannabis indoors has become a very popular cultivation style for a number of reasons. Depending on the weather where you live, it offers more flexibility to grow buds all year long and you are able to better control the conditions, ensuring the best quality of your cannabis. However, there are a few key factors […]

What to do for Powdery Mildew in the Late Flowering Stage

As a commercial grower, it’s devastating – you walk into your flowering room in the late grow season, and as you’re inspecting your cannabis crop, you find that powdery mildew has taken hold of a group of plants. It’s a worst-case scenario come to life. And, unfortunately it means the affected plants likely need to […]

How to Clean a Grow Tent

  All home growers and caregivers should be informed on how to properly clean a grow tent. You may have heard that cleanliness is key to growing quality cannabis. It is absolutely true — clean grow tents lead to clean cannabis! Cleanliness in your grow tent is one of the main ways you’ll prevent cannabis […]

You’re Invited! Help Your Crops Thrive

This event has ended! Thank you to everyone who attended virtually. Stay tuned on our blog to learn about future events and promotions just like this one! Join AiroClean420 for a FREE online course on April 13, 2022 with indoor grow expert Andrew Patterson on how to help your plants and business thrive. Some topics we’ll […]

White Spots on Cannabis Leaves? This Might be The Cause.

White spots on the leaves of any cannabis plant in your crop is cause for concern. And more than likely, it indicates a problem that could spiral out of control if left unchecked. Two major culprits stand out, there are certain insects that cause these issues, and certain types of mold and fungal disease. Today […]

Air Purification for Any Indoor Grow Setup

  Air, water, and soil – the health of every element in your cannabis grow determines whether your yield will be a bumper crop or a total flop. When it comes to air purification, every space differs in cubic footage. Your unique needs call for an air purification system that’s nothing less than a perfect […]

The Top 4 Marijuana Leaf Diseases That Could Put You Out of Business

  When facing marijuana leaf diseases, you’ll find that some can be traced to poor nutrition. That’s usually a fairly easy fix; unfortunately, poor nutrition is not always the reason. If you just cross your fingers and hope it’s not caused by a blight, fungus, or other pathogen, you may be gambling with your entire […]

Is Pure Air as Necessary as Pure Water for Hydroponic Growers?

  Would you ever use water that you knew contained spores from fungus in your hydroponic cannabis farm? Or water that contained a harmful disinfectant? Of course not – the whole point of purifying the water that goes into your grow is to protect your plants and to load it up with only the nutrients […]

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