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brown spots or white spots on cannabis leaves

White Spots or Brown Spots on Cannabis Leaves? This Might be The Cause.

White spots on the leaves of any cannabis plant in your crop is cause for concern. And more than likely, it indicates a problem that could spiral out of control if left unchecked. Two major culprits stand out, there are certain insects that cause these issues, and certain types of mold and fungal disease. Today […]

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Control VOCs, Protect Your Grow

Healthy, growing cannabis creates a distinct “atmosphere” – as do a few processing methods – and to many growers, that’s just the smell of success. However, the terpenes which produce that distinct smell can also turn around and create toxic ozone and other byproducts. Called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs; ozone, butane fumes, and compounds […]

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Is it Enough to Perfect Your Grow Facility HVAC?

Disease is in the air, what would you do to protect your crops? The design of your grow facility’s HVAC system has a lot to do with your crop’s success – and that includes reducing your chances of developing a serious infection in your cannabis. Temperature and humidity control are two important variables in preventing […]

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Why Air Quality is Important

Whether you are growing cannabis indoors on a commercial or personal level, your marijuana plants need environmental stability and a steady supply of clean air. In order to grow high quality cannabis, you should have a clear understanding of why air quality is important and how you can maintain it in your grow facility. AiroClean420 […]

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