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Control VOCs, Protect Your Grow

Healthy, growing cannabis creates a distinct “atmosphere” – as do a few processing methods – and to many growers, that’s just the smell of success. However, the terpenes which produce that distinct smell can also turn around and create toxic ozone and other byproducts. Called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs; ozone, butane fumes, and compounds from pesticides can taint the air in your facility and put staff at risk. Protecting your staff and your investment doesn’t take drastic measures, though – it’s straightforward and simple with the help of AiroClean420.   

Various Threats From Everyday Procedures

Any cannabis grow or processing facility generates several VOCs. Some of these are only a slight annoyance, and some of them are outright dangerous. Terpenes from cannabis aren’t strictly harmful, though they produce a distinct smell. However, when those terpenes react with common pollutants in the air, like nitrogen oxides (NOx), they have been found to create ozone. Certain processing methods, like creating BHO resins with butane, also incorporate VOCs, which are directly harmful in concentrated amounts. Common pest control methods also utilize VOCs, spreading them into the air in your facility. Managing any and all of these compounds is a priority when it comes to protecting your employees, and it doesn’t have to involve a complicated or convoluted addition to your HVAC system. In fact, there’s an air purification solution that’s as easy to install and use as one of your grow lights, and which protects your crops and production areas from diseases like powdery mildew, as well as defending against VOCs.

PCO Technology for Protection from VOCs

When air passes through an AiroClean420 unit, it enters a sealed reaction chamber. Anything organic that’s carried along, including pollen, fungal spores, powdery mildew, and VOCs, is killed – reduced to harmless trace elements of CO2 and water vapor – and the air that cycles out is sanitized and pure. It’s much more than a filter. It works via a process called photocatalytic oxidation or PCO, created specifically to kill VOCs on the space station. With several models, including units for small production or grow spaces and large units with two-stage purification in addition to the PCO, there is an AiroClean420 unit for your indoor cannabis farm.

Purification and Protection for Your Facility

With AiroClean420, managing VOCs, killing fungi, and stopping diseases in your cannabis grow facility is simple and straightforward, and you can rest easy knowing your employees and investment are protected. We have a variety of commercial products to fit facilities large and small, reach out to talk about your needs and we can help you find the perfect one!

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