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Is it Enough to Perfect Your Grow Facility HVAC?

Disease is in the air, what would you do to protect your crops? The design of your grow facility’s HVAC system has a lot to do with your crop’s success – and that includes reducing your chances of developing a serious infection in your cannabis. Temperature and humidity control are two important variables in preventing cannabis diseases, but even the finest control can’t stop fungal spores – like those from powdery mildew – from landing and taking hold on your plants. Don’t fret, there is a way. Today we’re exploring the ideal complement to your perfect cannabis grow HVAC system.

Why “Perfect” Still Might Not be Enough

You’ve likely found that standard HVAC isn’t quite enough for a cannabis grow room. Maybe you’ve invested in a hybrid dehumidifier and climate control system, or IDEC (indirect-direct evaporative cooling) for ultimate control of the humidity and temperature in your grow. These make for a fantastic investment; not only do they allow you to control for cannabis growing conditions, they can actually help you deter fungus and bacteria – but they can only do just that: help. When airborne fungus like powdery mildew lands, even in conditions that aren’t perfect for it to grow in, it can still have everything it needs to develop on your plants. 

Complementing the Ideal Grow Facility HVAC System

That’s why even the most advanced HVAC system needs air sanitization to go with it. Airborne threats thrive in the temperature and humidity conditions that cannabis likes best. To avoid depriving your plants of moisture, or leaving them at high temperatures for too long, circulating pure air is paramount. Filtration will prevent dust from building up in your grow room – but sanitization does more to protect your plants. 

Cannabis Grow Room Sanitization: AiroClean420

Using something as simple as a carbon filter with your HVAC system, whether it’s inline or not, will only catch larger particles in the air. AiroClean420 will do not only that with models featuring two-stage purification, but with threat-destroying PCO technology, it will also kill microscopic organic particulates like pollen, bacteria, fungal spores, and yes – powdery mildew. Combining the most advanced cannabis grow HVAC technology with air sanitization from AiroClean420 spells optimal protection for your crops.

Build the Very Best for Your Crops

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