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How to Destroy Powdery Mildew on Edibles

how to destroy powdery mildew on edibles

Powdery mildew actually refers to several strains of fungi that cause a white, powdery mold to form on plants. After infecting a plant, it is very difficult to get rid of the powdery mildew. Even if the fungus appears to be eradicated, microscopic spores may remain. After harvest, powdery mildew may cause health problems if ingested.  So, this makes it important to destroy powdery mildew on edibles. Read on to discover how you can prevent this infection from ruining your crop – and how pure air can keep it from ever becoming a problem.

Preventing the Spread of Powdery Mildew to Plant Buds

Powdery mildew affects all types of fruits and vegetables, but it has a particular affinity for cannabis plants. While eating trace amounts of powdery mildew may not be bad, it is important to destroy powdery mildew on edibles to decrease the risk of consuming too much. The best way to decrease risk is to prevent powdery mildew from infecting marijuana plant buds.

Powdery mildew infections do not always follow a stereotyped pattern, but the first signs often appear on plant leaves. At the first sign of a white, powder-like substance on a plant, you should quarantine it or destroy it. This will prevent spores from spreading. Of course, the best precaution is to use an air purification system.  The AiroClean420 system takes in contaminated air and passes it over a special reactor that kills pathogens. This prevents powdery mildew spores from infecting more plants.

How to Destroy Powdery Mildew on Edibles

It is against industry best practices to use buds infected with powdery mildew for marijuana edibles. This is especially true for medical marijuana users. Consuming edibles with powdery mildew can be dangerous for patients who already have a low immune system or already have serious medical problems. Thus, the best approach is to quickly identify and contain the affected plants. Keep potentially affected buds in a separate location from the rest of your harvest.

After harvest, there is simply no proven way to destroy powdery mildew on edibles. Microscopic spores may still remain and can potentially cause health issues. Furthermore, the presence of powdery mildew may give buds a “funky” odor, which could translate to edibles that taste “off.” For consumer safety and satisfaction, it is best to avoid using contaminated marijuana for the production of edibles.

Producers of marijuana edibles must be highly vigilant about the conditions in which their cannabis is grown. Avoiding powdery mildew is imperative, as ingestion of this mold could cause health issues. To destroy powdery mildew on edibles, prevent it from developing in the first place by investing in an air purification system like AiroClean420. AiroClean420 captures and neutralizes powdery mildew spores, ensuring the high quality of your marijuana edibles.

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