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Cleaning up and Preventing Powdery Mildew in Your Drying Room

  If your buds have moved to the drying room, your product is in the home stretch. But with the threat of powdery mildew lurking everywhere, your product may be vulnerable even after it dries. Cleaning your cannabis drying room is a strong first step to preventing powdery mildew infections on freshly-harvested product, and saving […]

More Effective Than Spraying Buds Before Harvest

The sight of powdery mildew on your cannabis buds and leaves is more than enough to inspire dread in even the most seasoned cannabis growers. Dealing with an infection means taking steps to prevent the spread and limit damage. Many growers, when they see powdery mildew, respond by spraying their buds before harvest with harsh […]

Air Filters for Cannabis Grow Rooms: Why They Don’t Work

Before you install air filters in your cannabis grow rooms, take some time to consider more effective options to stop powdery mildew. Air filtration isn’t enough to improve your indoor grow room‘s air quality. Carbon air filters for cannabis do not provide powerful air purification. It does not prevent mold spores, bacteria and other undesirable […]

Best Grow Lights 2022

Below you’ll find our list of 10 of the top grow light companies to watch in 2022. To find the best grow lights of 2022, we evaluated many recommendations from commercial cannabis cultivation facilities and professional growers. Next to cannabis genetics, environment control and grow light selection are the most powerful aspects of indoor cannabis […]

White Spots on Cannabis Leaves: Identifying and Stopping Mold

With thousands of species of mold and mildew waiting to devastate your crops, identifying those white spots on your cannabis leaves can seem less important than stopping whatever is destroying your plants. Regardless, in defending against mold, arming yourself with knowledge about what you’re seeing and how to prevent it in the first place will […]

Top 10 Genetics Companies and Seed Breeders to watch in 2022

This 2022 is going to be an exciting year for cannabis genetics. Keep an eye on cannabis breeders like MrSoul of Brothers Grimm Seeds, Mel Frank and Todd McCormick of AG Seed Company, and also Purple City Genetics, led by breeder Cowboy. While Purple City Genetics is new to seed production, they have been working […]

An Efficient Alternative to Bud Washing for Cannabis

You go to great lengths for the health of your product and the consumer, creating an ideal environment for growing cannabis. You ensure tools and personnel are clean before entering the grow room, and cure your product in a controlled area, before (potentially) finally sending it off for testing. Even if you’re in a state […]

The Best Fungal Disease Treatment for Cannabis Plants

With several millions of species of fungi around the world, your cannabis plants are under constant threat. Microscopic fungal spores float through the environment, waiting to take hold of a plant. Under the right growing conditions, these spores can lead to mold, root rot, damping off, and other diseases that cripple plants. Thus, it is […]

PCO Purifiers Vs. Air Ionizers for Growing Cannabis

Protecting your cannabis crop is the top priority when you’re choosing an air purification system – and picking the right option means saving time, money, and your hard-grown product. When it comes to industrial air ionizers for your cannabis, though, there are drawbacks to consider. On the other hand, PCO provides an alternative that’s highly […]

What Does White Mold Mean on Your Cannabis Buds?

Any grower can feel it at any time – the dread of possibly losing a cannabis crop to a moldy fungal disease. It cuts especially deep when the buds are growing and it’s almost time to harvest. When you see powder, dust, strands, or bumps on leaves and cannabis buds, what does it mean? It […]

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