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Is Pure Air as Necessary as Pure Water for Hydroponic Growers?

is pure air as necessary as pure water for hydroponic growers


Would you ever use water that you knew contained spores from fungus in your hydroponic cannabis farm? Or water that contained a harmful disinfectant? Of course not – the whole point of purifying the water that goes into your grow is to protect your plants and to load it up with only the nutrients they need. So why would the air in your facility be any different? Water and air are two major vectors for infections from fungus and bacteria in controlled environment agriculture (or hydroponics), and if a standard filter won’t cut it for your water, it’s not doing the job for your air either. There is a solution that will help you get 99.99% pure air all throughout your hydroponic cannabis grow, and stop fungus and bacteria from attacking your plants where they’re most vulnerable, though. AiroClean420 is the purpose-built air purification technology that will protect your crops.

Stopping Fungus in a Hydroponic Grow

With no soil and a tightly-controlled supply of pure water, you’ve eliminated plenty of the headache of other grow methods. But, a hydroponic cannabis grow is still susceptible to fungus and bacteria in the air. Tightly-packed plants, a cool and humid climate, and regular foot traffic all contribute to the risk of infection.

AiroClean420 is an air purification system that operates independently of your air intake and HVAC system. An AiroClean420 system processes air in your facility no matter where it comes in from and stops airborne pathogens before they can attack the leaves of your plants. Some units include filters, but AiroClean420 is much more than a filtration system. It processes the air through a bioreactor using photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO, to destroy contaminants – rather than holding onto them all for later disposal. It does so without producing emissions, so all that circulates out of your purifier is clean air, as well as trace elements of CO2 and water vapor.

Pure Water, Pure Air, Happy Plants

With pure, unadulterated air and expertly-controlled liquid nutrients, you can defend against botrytis blight, powdery mildew, fungus, bacteria, and more in your hydroponic cannabis grow. AiroClean420 gives you the proven protection you need for less infections and higher yields. Discover the power of pure air in your facility, reach out to talk to one of our air purification experts today and find out how to get total coverage in your grow with AiroClean420.

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