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Protecting Medical Cannabis Patients with Clean Cannabis

Protecting Medical Cannabis Patients with Clean Cannabis


You can provide a clean, quality, medical grade cannabis product free from heavy chemicals or microbial contaminants. And, there’s a way you can easily meet state regulations for microbial load, mycotoxin presence, and pesticide residue. With the growing acceptance of medical cannabis, state regulations and testing requirements for farmers were, in some states, a given. It’s because medical cannabis is much more than a consumer product – it’s a vital natural treatment option with proven effectiveness for a variety of medical issues.

As a grower, meeting or exceeding those standards means you’re providing a product that’s pure enough to be labeled “medical grade”. For an indoor grower, it’s all about controlling fungal threats, bacteria, and other microbial threats where they linger and spread: in the air. There’s a way to scrub your air of these threats and much more, reduce or eliminate your reliance on chemical pesticides. AiroClean420 will help you provide clean medical cannabis that protects consumers and easily clears state regulations for mycotoxins, bacteria, mold, and pesticide residue.

Reducing Microbial Load, Eliminating Mold and Mycotoxins

Indoor growers face a unique challenge. Mold, spoilage bacteria, and fungi love the same conditions that help indoor cannabis plants thrive. Warm temperatures, moderate to high relative humidity, and regular airflow help mold and microbial threats propagate and spread. An AiroClean420 air purification system continually eliminates airborne microbial threats before they land on your plants – without disrupting your environmental controls. It also operates independently of your HVAC system, processing the ambient air your plants are surrounded by, no matter when it circulated into the room. Eliminating mold spores means eliminating the mature molds which produce mycotoxins, and destroying bacteria can mean less spoilage and risk of infection in your plants – all translating to a cleaner product for your consumers.

Reducing Reliance on Pesticides

Clean cannabis means a final product free of pesticide residue, even from organic pesticides. Findings have revealed myclobutanil’s toxicity when heated to burning temperatures. And concerns about other fungicides and pesticides can spell tighter regulatory restrictions on which pesticides are and aren’t allowed, and how much residue, if any, is permissible on your final product. For the health-conscious grower looking to produce a clean, medical grade product, reducing pesticide use can be a smart move. When you destroy the airborne spores of the biggest fungal offenders with AiroClean420, you eliminate the threat they present to your crop. You can grow with confidence and peace of mind, you’re in control of the air quality in your facility.

An Easy and Effective Path to Clean Medical Cannabis

Reduce microbial load, eliminate your need for heavy pesticides, and provide a clean cannabis product that meets testing regulations and protects your consumers. With AiroClean420, it’s easier than ever. We have a team of experts who can help you create a comprehensive air purification system to protect your whole facility. Get a free facility proposal today, and find out just how easy it is to grow cleaner cannabis with AiroClean420.

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