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More Effective Than Spraying Buds Before Harvest

more effective than spraying buds before harvest

more effective than spraying buds before harvest

The sight of powdery mildew on your cannabis buds and leaves is more than enough to inspire dread in even the most seasoned cannabis growers. Dealing with an infection means taking steps to prevent the spread and limit damage. Many growers, when they see powdery mildew, respond by spraying their buds before harvest with harsh chemicals to inhibit further infection. But, there’s a much better way to prevent mildew from ever taking hold in the first place; AiroClean420.

Why Avoid Spraying Your Buds Before Harvest?

Whether it’s hydrogen peroxide or commercial fungicide, spraying cannabis buds before harvest leaves you open to some risks. First, you could risk losing some of the crucial terpenes in your product to oxidation, as hydrogen peroxide accelerates that chemical reaction with the air. Second, your cleaner or pesticide may leave a residue on your buds – even after washing them. That could expose the end consumer to harmful chemicals, and some commercial fungicides become even more dangerous when heated to burning temperatures, such as myclobutanil. So considering the potential risks of treatment just before or after harvest, what is an indoor grower to do? Keep the fungus off your plants in the first place, by keeping powdery mildew spores out of your air.

Keep Mold and Mildew Off of Your Plants

Filtering the air flowing through your HVAC is a reasonable start, but that’s not where the definition of “clean air” stops. Fungal spores can ride in on clothing, tools, people, and plants – getting kicked up to circulate in the air and land on your plants. Continual processing of all the air in your grow space – not just the intake from outside – is key. That’s exactly what AiroClean420 was designed for, and it does more than even a standard filter can. It processes the air in a sealed bioreactor, killing unwanted organic particles like fungus and mold, as well as airborne bacteria, viruses, and more. The air that circulates out is 99.99% pure, with no harmful emissions, meaning you’ve significantly reduced your risk of powdery mildew infection and loss to mold contamination without compromising your air quality.

Stop Mold Before it Lands Without Chemical Sprays

So if you’re setting up for your next harvest season, it pays to consider an effective air purification solution for the total air quality in your grow facility. Reduce the risk of mold, powdery mildew, bacteria, viruses, and much more – reach out to learn about AiroClean420.

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