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Cleaning up and Preventing Powdery Mildew in Your Drying Room

cleaning up and preventing powdery mildew in your drying room


If your buds have moved to the drying room, your product is in the home stretch. But with the threat of powdery mildew lurking everywhere, your product may be vulnerable even after it dries. Cleaning your cannabis drying room is a strong first step to preventing powdery mildew infections on freshly-harvested product, and saving your bottom line. But there’s an additional step that will destroy airborne mold, powdery mildew, and more, and it could even help improve your drying process. Find out how to clean your drying room, and how AiroClean420 can help you dry safely every time, even at higher humidity.

A Cannabis Drying Room Cleaning Checklist

Powdery mildew is only one threat to cannabis in your drying room. Pests, other fungi, and even bacteria can attack your plants as they dry. Surfaces and equipment are ever-present vectors for infection, so making sure they’re well-cleaned is a daily priority. Here’s a simple checklist for regular dry room cleaning.

  • Daily
    • Everyday cleaning means tending to dirt and spills as they happen. If your buds drop any debris as they’re drying, sweeping up anything obvious will help prevent it from piling up.
  • Weekly
    • Weekly, sweeping and vacuuming fallen debris and dust from under tables and in corners will help eliminate vectors for bacterial or fungal growth on discarded plant matter. Additionally, wiping down horizontal surfaces and table legs with a damp washcloth or very light cleaner will keep pests and fungal spores from lingering week to week. Be careful not to drip onto drying plants.
  • Post-Drying
    • After your buds have dried and been moved out of the drying room, it’s time for a deep clean. Depending on how long ago your last deep clean was, this can be a more or less intensive process. Clear all the surfaces of equipment, and shift tables away from walls. Start by brushing dust and debris out of corners and off of racks or grates, to clear the room of any loose particles. Inspect equipment to ensure it doesn’t need specific attention or replacement.
    • Then, you can prepare a cleaning solution. If it’s time to sanitize, usually called for after a harvest, then a solution of H2O2, or alternatively a bleach solution (never mix the two) will give you the sanitizing power you need to be sure your drying room is clean. There are a variety of industrial sanitizers, and we have suggestions for a DIY solution in our article on how to clean a grow tent.
    • Spray the floor, tables, and equipment with cleaner, as well as your drying room walls as long as they’re non-porous, and allow your solution to dry and evaporate for at least 12-24 hours. You can then move your equipment and tables back into place.

Clean Air, a Better Drying Environment

Following the above checklist will help you protect your surfaces – but with regular foot traffic comes irregular air quality. Fungal spores and other threats can still get into your drying room on the air – and only the proper air purification can stop them from latching onto and harming your drying plants. AiroClean420 is designed to continually process the air in your facility, and it destroys 99.99% of unwanted organic particles that pass through its sealed reactor. With air purification from AiroClean420, you could maintain a higher relative humidity in your drying room with less worry about mold – potentially resulting in a better drying process for your cannabis.

Explore AiroClean420 for Your Facility

From seedling to cut, dried, and processed bud, AiroClean420 was designed to provide clean air to protect your cannabis! There’s an AiroClean420 system to fit every stage of your process, and every part of your facility. Discover how easy it is to start protecting crops and employees with AiroClean420, reach out to our air purification experts today and learn more about powerful, effective air purification.

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