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White Spots on Cannabis Leaves: Identifying and Stopping Mold

White Spots on Cannabis Leaves: Identifying and Stopping Mold

With thousands of species of mold and mildew waiting to devastate your crops, identifying those white spots on your cannabis leaves can seem less important than stopping whatever is destroying your plants. Regardless, in defending against mold, arming yourself with knowledge about what you’re seeing and how to prevent it in the first place will help you stop it from happening in the future. We’re experts in dealing with fungal threats to cannabis, so let’s take a look at what could be causing the white spots on your leaves, and how you can stop it from spreading or coming back.

Fungal Diseases that Cause White Spots on Cannabis

Mold and mildew are both fungal diseases, and they’re the most common culprits for spots on leaves, white, gray, or yellow. There are a few possibilities depending on exactly what you’re seeing:

Powdery Mildew is a fungus that starts by attacking the tops of leaves. Small groups of spores look like white spots all over the cannabis leaf. When the spores land, they start attacking the cell walls of the leaf, draining each cell of nutrients and water. As it spreads, it coats the plant with white powder. It’s easy to brush the powder away at first, but that does nothing to treat the disease.

Downy Mildew is a similar fungus, but it instead coats the undersides of the leaves with a feathery white mold. On top, you’ll see yellow spots – this is why it’s sometimes called “leaf spot disease.”

Gray Mold, or Botrytis, is another disease which can cause spots on affected cannabis leaves. The spots will sometimes start out as raised bumps, growing and turning grey. This disease also heavily affects buds – giving it the name “bud rot.”

Each of these diseases can completely devastate a crop, and often mean the affected plant needs to be quarantined or destroyed – and the plants around it inspected closely for any signs of disease. Fungal diseases like these are airborne, so for outdoor growers pesticides may be the only option, but it’s a completely different story for indoor cannabis growers.

Stopping Spots on Indoor Cannabis Leaves

Indoor growers have a distinct advantage – they can tightly control the quality of the air around their plants. These fungal diseases can spread through the air via spores, but with the right equipment, spores can be eliminated. Air purification from AiroClean420 will not only block airborne threats, it completely destroys fungal spores, bacteria, viruses, and more. It does so by reducing any unwanted organic molecules that pass through its sealed reactor into trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor – circulating 99.99% pure air back into your grow room.

Protect Your Cannabis From Leaf Spot Diseases and More

Eliminating spores means stopping airborne fungus from ever landing on your plants, greatly reducing any danger of fungal infection. AiroClean420 means less crop loss, better air quality, and even lower microbial loads for those subject to testing. Discover the difference AiroClean420 will make in your cannabis grow, speak to one of our air purification experts and learn all the benefits – then get a proposal for your facility.

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