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Best Grow Lights for Cannabis

best grow lights for cannabis

The best grow lights of 2022, overhead cannabis grow light

Below you’ll find our list of the top 10 best grow lights for cannabis. To find the best marijuana grow lights of 2022, we evaluated many recommendations from commercial cannabis cultivation facilities and professional growers.

Next to cannabis genetics, environment control and grow light selection are the most powerful aspects of indoor cannabis cultivation strategy. Grow lights are linked to vigorous plant growth and bigger yields, as well as increased cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Everyone wants the best grow lights, but which company has them?

Unfortunately, there are an incalculable number of rip-off grow light companies with clever marketing and advertising tactics. Of course you’ll want to avoid them and choose a reputable grow light company with the best technology and customer service.

Get the best grow lights for your cannabis farm or grow room after you assess the various grow light models from the companies who made the list. Our list of the best grow lights of 2022 is not arranged in any particular order. Foshe, however, is considered to be the industry leader by prominent cultivators across the country. One of the younger companies to make the list is Curtis Mathes. They have a brilliant technical team and are dedicated to lighting R&D. Only one company listed below doesn’t specialize in LED lighting, Azentive. Azentive still might have what you’re looking for in 2022 despite not using LED technology.

You may notice some of the well known LED lighting companies of 2020 and 2021 are not included. This is due to the rising number of LED companies outperforming them.

Best Grow Lights for Cannabis

5. HLG (LED)

Contact each company directly to get custom quotes, ask questions, make a purchase or get referred to their preferred retailer. Be sure to track all the above grow light companies over the next few years. Similar to the auto industry, each year brings forth new models and improvements to products. These are the grow lighting companies to watch in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Even if you’ve had bad experiences with underperforming LED lights in the past, don’t let it stop you from catching up with the present. These grow light companies produce leading grow lights for large scale indoor commercial grows, multi-level facilities and greenhouses. They are the best in the business.

Home growers take note, these grow light companies aren’t necessarily suitable for tent growing, unless adequate air conditioning is available.

Tips for Choosing a grow light in 2022:

1. Remember to assess the warranty. Does it have one? If so, what are the terms? A five-year warranty from a manufacturer is a positive sign the company has a best-in-class product they stand by.
2. Evaluate efficiency metrics including μMoles/s and PPF, PAR, Watts, heat output, and spectrum control.
3. Assess the lifetime expectancy of the grow light.
4. Evaluate dimming and wireless control options.
5. Evaluate the light’s footprint and scalability.
6. Price point is an important factor of course. Find out if the lighting company conducts special sales or bulk discounts? These are good questions to ask, but do not be surprised if they do not offer them.

Environment control tips for indoor growers:

If you are creating the ideal environment for indoor cannabis cultivation, then you’ll have to control the temperature, humidity levels, and airflow. Do not forget about air quality in your grow space as well. Having clean air is smart, but there are few ways to clean it. The most effective way to clean air in your indoor cannabis operation is to use a PCO air purifier by AiroClean420. PCO stands for Photocatalytic Oxidation. PCO technology was originally developed for NASA’s air sanitization system and gets used in places like hospitals, wineries and dairy processors, plus other places where clean air is vital to business and good health.

In cannabis cultivation, AiroClean420 air purifiers are helpful to growers because they efficiently and safely remove subatomic powdery mildew spores from the air, as well as other undesirable airborne pathogens. It is a proven tool to prevent powdery mildew infestations. AiroClean420 works by pulling air inside and exploding the contaminants into harmless green carbon dioxide and water vapor. There are no VOCs, harmful emissions or harmful chemicals, and it is easy to use. Just plug it in for 24/7 activation.

AiroClean420 has been an industry leader for several years offering PCO air purification solutions to commercial cannabis growers across the United States and Canada. In addition to their commercial model is a home grow air purifier for small grow spaces.

If you liked this list of top cannabis grow lights, be sure to check out our top 10 cannabis genetics companies to watch in 2022.

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