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Managing Microbial Load on Cannabis

Managing microbial load on Cannabis

You strive to provide the best product possible, and that means meeting safety standards and ensuring your cannabis is compliant. In many states where commercial marijuana is legal, there are strict limits on the allowed microbial load on your cannabis. Today we’ll illustrate how you can limit microbial contamination on your crops, and the technology that makes prevention simple.

Compliance Standards and Microbial Load

No matter the growing environment, your plants are exposed to microscopic contaminants of all kinds. The amount of microbials, fungal particles, and other potential threats on your cannabis will determine, in some states, whether it can be sold as-is, if it needs to be processed into extract, or even if a harvest must be destroyed. This compliance tip from Colorado’s Department of Revenue is one example of just how much you have to lose if a crop fails its inspection.

An Important Defense: Air Purification

In an indoor grow, a significant amount of the contaminants on your marijuana can originate from airborne sources. This makes air purification a key component in the fight to control microbial load on your cannabis. Some growers rely on heavy chemicals or systems that produce harmful emissions. These methods can create compliance issues as well, creating questions of solvent contamination and air quality issues in your facility. It’s best to go with a clean, safe, and effective air purification option like photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) – just like you’ll find in the Airoclean 420.

Prevent Airborne Threats with Airoclean 420

PCO is a technology Developed for NASA meant to eliminate airborne threats without producing any chemicals or harmful emissions. Using PCO, Airoclean 420 purifies the air in your grow space, preventing mold spores, bacteria, microbials, and other contaminants from reaching your plants. It helps your operation stay safe, and it helps you pass your cannabis compliance tests.

Manage Microbes, Reduce Chemicals

Airoclean 420 prevents airborne mold and bacteria from compromising your cannabis, without the need for heavy chemicals in your indoor grow. Contact us today and tell us about your facility. We can determine the setup that would be best for your indoor grow, and get you on track to cannabis compliance.

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