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Air Sanitation Without Ozone Emissions

air sanitation without ozone emissions

As a cannabis grower, you know you have to keep the air in your facility clean to prevent airborne powdery mildew, fungal infections, bacteria, and viruses from landing on your plants. Some methods, however, create harmful emissions such as ozone. Ozone generators may purport to sanitize your air – but are they a danger to your employees? Read on to find out how you can keep the air in your facility sanitary and free from dangerous ozone emissions.

The Dangers of Ozone

Ozone is a molecule made of three oxygen atoms. The air we breathe consists of two oxygen atoms, and this extra atom in ozone makes it reactive with a number of other molecules. The fact that ozone reacts with some molecules is how manufacturers of ozone generators say their products purify the air.  However, because it is reactive and it remains in the air for a significant amount of time, ozone presents a danger to anyone who may breathe it in. The EPA says that when inhaled, ozone reacts with molecules in the body, potentially causing irritation of the throat, chest pain, a decrease in lung function, and even increased susceptibility to respiratory infection.

Why Ozone Purifiers are Ineffective

Ozone does react with molecules in the air, but the FDA has found that at concentrations deemed safe for humans it is ineffective at purification. When it does react with other molecules, ozone can also produce irritants and harmful by-products. Regardless, the amount of ozone you would need to purify the air in your facility is unsafe for your workers.

Purification Without Harmful Emissions

Through the power of safe, effective photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), you can purify the air in your facility without any ozone. PCO is the technology Developed for NASA that you’ll find in our AiroClean420 units. Contaminated air is first pulled into the unit. Purification then takes place in the sealed reaction chamber, and only pure, clean air is circulated to your grow room. No ozone is used, no harmful emissions are produced, and it cleans your air efficiently and effectively.

Rely on technology Developed for NASA

Don’t try your luck with an ozone generator that can only be ineffective or dangerous. Purify your air thoroughly with the power of PCO. Contact us to learn more about how Airoclean420 can make your grow space safer, for your plants and your employees.

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