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How to See and Stop Botrytis in Cannabis

how to see and stop botrytis on cannabis

Botrytis blight is among the deadliest diseases that can descend upon your cannabis crop. Even worse than reduced production is the destruction of your entire grow over the course of a few weeks – which is entirely possible with a botrytis infection. Not to worry, we can help you combat botrytis on your cannabis plants. Read on to learn how you can spot and stop this deadly infection. And, learn the surprising way you can help prevent it altogether.

What is Botrytis Blight?

Botrytis is otherwise known as gray mold. It’s a fungal infection that takes advantage of damaged plant parts to grow and begin producing spores. Once it has established a foothold, it aggressively attacks healthy tissue in the plant. As botrytis spreads, a brown rot forms across the plant, and more spores are released and spread to adjacent plants. The Penn State Extension says that these spores can even land and remain dormant on a plant for almost its entire lifecycle, in some cases.

What to Look For

You can detect botrytis by its mycelia, the fine layer of gray, velvet-like mold on the surface of leaves or buds. Sites where an infection may start include areas damaged by cutting, broken stems, and also dying leaves. As infection progresses, affected leaves may be withered, and stems will be weaker. Watch carefully for these signs in all plants nearby as well.

Stopping Botrytis

Unfortunately, controlling botrytis on your cannabis plants means removing the ones that are already affected. Botrytis releases spores with every movement, whether it’s water, air, or just general jostling – so be sure to carefully remove the plant from the grow space, bagging it if possible. Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – there is a way to help prevent botrytis infection entirely.

Airoclean 420 – Stop Botrytis on Cannabis

As an airborne fungus, you can stop the spread of botrytis by purifying the air in your grow space. Airoclean 420 uses technology Developed for NASA to eliminate airborne threats like fungal spores. It can purify the air in your space, so you and your plants can breathe easy – without worrying about airborne infections. Destroy the spores lurking in your grow room’s air. Learn more about Airoclean 420 and see how you can have pure, clean air protecting your plants.

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