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Maintaining your Airoclean420 Unit

maintaining your airoclean unit with a maintenance kit

Your Airoclean420 unit works year-round to keep your crops free from fungus, disease, powdery mildew, and more. Maintenance is a critical part of keeping it running smoothly for its entire lifespan. Luckily, maintenance of your Airoclean420 is simple – and with our annual maintenance kit, you’re set for an entire year. Read on to learn how to maintain your Airoclean420 and how it will get you the most out of this amazing system

Using Your Annual Maintenance Kit

Your kit comes with enough replacement parts to operate the unit for a full year. Included are two protective elements and a set of proprietary high-intensity PCO lamps. Each protective element can be used for 6 months, while the lamps last for one year.

Installing the protective element is easy, simply slide the old one from the top of the unit, and insert the new one. Replacing the bulbs is also a simple procedure. Just remove the cover of the unit by pushing in the quick releases, change the proprietary lamps, and replace the cover – pushing each corner down until the release clicks.

Simple Maintenance, Clear Results

So why is your yearly maintenance so important? It’s because the catalyst in our bio-conversion reactor bed needs photon energy of the proper intensity to work correctly. The protective element minimizes particulates in the chamber, while fresh lamps give off the right amount and strength of light to activate the catalyst. The catalyst generates millions of surface-bound hydroxyl radicals that react with organic compounds in the air. These radicals can be thought of like mini-versions of the arcade classic Pac-Man – eating up contaminants that they touch and reducing them to harmless carbon dioxide and water. The surface of the catalyst on your Airoclean420 unit fills with tiny Pac-Mans and safely eliminates airborne threats like powdery mildew, bacteria, viruses, and disease – but only if your lamps are outputting the proper light. You can ensure that your lamps are operating at their peak by replacing them once per year.

Keep Your Airoclean420 at its Best

When you keep up with maintenance on your Airoclean420 unit, you keep the air around your crops clean and safe – minimizing losses due to airborne contaminants. It’s simple, just replace the protective element every six months, and the lamps every 12. Order your annual maintenance kit today, and you’ll be set for a clean grow all year.

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