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Air Purification for Any Indoor Grow Setup

Air purification for any indoor grow setup


Air, water, and soil – the health of every element in your cannabis grow determines whether your yield will be a bumper crop or a total flop. When it comes to air purification, every space differs in cubic footage. Your unique needs call for an air purification system that’s nothing less than a perfect fit. Discover an air purification solution that fits any indoor cannabis grow setup. AiroClean420 was purpose-built for the cannabis industry, so that growers of all kinds, from the biggest industrial companies to home growers in tents, would have a solution to fit their unique space. Find out how you can get total coverage in your indoor grow setup, discover AiroClean420.

Air Purification to Protect Your Grow

The technology in AiroClean420 eliminates mold, fungus, bacteria, and viruses – even dreaded diseases and threats like powdery mildew and botrytis blight. When potentially contaminated air passes through an AiroClean420 unit, it passes through a reaction chamber and goes through a process called photocatalytic oxidation. In simpler terms, high-intensity lamps activate our catalyst bed, and unwanted organic particles inside the reactor are destroyed – reduced to trace elements of carbon dioxide and water. What comes out is 99.99% pure air, with no harmful emissions – safe for you, your plants, and your employees.

Made for an Indoor Grow Setup of Any Size

It’s that special catalyst that makes AiroClean420 appropriate for any size indoor cannabis grow setup. A unit designed just for home and hobby grows gives home growers a simple and effective solution, and industrial growers can work with an air purification expert to create a system that provides full coverage of their entire facility. Multiple units means more catalyst space, more thorough air turnover, and protection that can fill the whole room with pure air. Clearing the air of threats becomes as simple as following AiroClean420’s easy installation process!

Find Air Purification for Your Indoor Cannabis Grow Setup

Discover air purification designed to fit your space, reach out to an AiroClean420 expert to discuss your needs. Whether you’re a small home grower or you’re setting up an industrial-sized cannabis grow, air purification is one of your keys to success. Provide pure air for your plants and watch them flourish!

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