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News For Cannabis Events

Free Webinar with Andrew Patterson

You’re Invited! Help Your Crops Thrive

This event has ended! Thank you to everyone who attended virtually. Stay tuned on our blog to learn about future events and promotions just like this one! Join AiroClean420 for a FREE online course on April 13, 2022 with indoor grow expert Andrew Patterson on how to help your plants and business thrive. Some topics we’ll […]

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Cannabis Trade Shows are Back

Cannabis Trade Shows are Back – Attract Visitors and Build a Better Booth!

Don’t miss out, you could win dozens of new prospects this year! In-person trade shows are coming back, and a blooming cannabis industry needs your solutions. For a supplier, showcasing products in your booth space is how you can make your solutions real for growers and prospective customers. Imagine, then, demonstrating in-person how growers can […]

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Happy 420 to Cannabis Growers, Producers, Cultivators!

It’s the best time of the year for cannabis growers. We could not be prouder to wish a happy 420 to all the cannabis growers, producers, cultivators and enthusiasts! The cannabis industry has come a long way, and we hope, through AiroClean420 air sanitation, you are able to reap the rewards of clean, mold-free crops […]

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cannabis trade show

Top 10 Events for Cannabis Growers

With the continuing growth in legalization, more and more people are looking for the top 10 cannabis trade shows. Expos and seminars are great opportunities for the community to come together to share knowledge and support one another in the business. And as the market continues to grow and evolve, it’s important to stay up […]

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