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Top 10 Events for Cannabis Growers

cannabis trade showWith the continuing growth in legalization, more and more people are looking for the top 10 cannabis trade shows. Expos and seminars are great opportunities for the community to come together to share knowledge and support one another in the business. And as the market continues to grow and evolve, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends in the industry. Plus, you’ll get to meet some cool like-minded people!

Marijuana Business Seminars and Expos

The list below is by no means exhaustive. However, it does provide a solid “top 10” list of conventions, along with dates and high-level descriptions. Please feel free to let us know in the comments of we’ve left off any of your favorites, and why:

1. High Times Cannabis Cup NorCal.

Taking place June 3rd and 4th this year, the Cannabis Cup is a mixture of music, exhibitions and general celebration of legalization. Tickets range from $50 for a single day, up to $420 for a Super VIP weekend pass.

2. NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit & Expo.

This is the 4th year the NCIA’s Expo has taken place, and it falls the week of June 12th to 14th. Keynote speakers include the former president of Mexico (and Coca Cola LATAM!), Vincente Fox. Several different focuses are available for exploration, and hundreds of industry experts will be in attendance.

3. GrowX.

There are a couple of GrowX shows every year, so if you miss the first one, you can probably make the second. This year, shows are in San Jose, California (June 3-4) and Detroit, Michigan (September 30-October 1). The primary focus of both shows is gardening and connections, with the goal to create a true growers community through, “education, partnerships, and interactive experiences.” For more info on both shows, visit their main page:

4. Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo.

Running June 14th to 16th, in New York, New York, it’s marketed as the “definitive business event for the cannabis industry.” Exhibitors range from accounting and insurance companies to security services, seed banks and tinctures. For more info visit:

5. Cannabis Life Conference- Vancouver, BC.

On July 7th to 8th, the Westin Bayshore will transform into a forum where the industry’s top players will share their expertise on a variety of areas, including investments, healthcare advancements and more. For more info, check out:

6. CultX-Cannabis Cultivation Excellence Conference.

Problems with your growing program? Trying to find just the right humidity and light combo to help your fickle little friends thrive? Mix and mingle with other growers from across the country to trade notes on automation, environment, quality assurance and regulations. Dates are July 31st to August 2nd. For more info:

7. Indo Expo.

This is another expo with multiple times and locations throughout the year. Hosting events in Portland and Denver, Indo is one of the few with days reserved solely for business attendees only. With hundreds of exhibitors and over four thousand participants, this one is big:

8. MJAC2017 – InvestorsHUB International Cannabis Conference.

As described, this event focuses more on investment opportunities inside the industry. This is a great opportunity for businesses to network with qualified investors and pitch their vision for moving to the next level. It runs September 1st and 2nd this year. Additional information is here:

9. Marijuana Business Conference & Expo.

As “America’s Oldest and Largest National Cannabis Tradeshow,” MJBIZCON is no joke. They’ve moved on up to the Las Vegas Convention Center this year, and have a breakout session agenda jam-packed with the industry’s best. And with over 550 exhibitors, this is one you should aim to attend for multiple days:

10. ICBC – International Cannabis Business Conference – Kauai.

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Held the first week of December, this conference is an island retreat, located at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai. Can’t make it work? Well, they also have conferences available in San Francisco and Berlin, so you can pick whatever time frame (and locale) best meets your needs:

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