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Top 5 New Trends in the Cannabis Industry

cannabis for menMore and more people are searching for the top 5 new trends in the cannabis industry, as it continues to experience wider legalization and social acceptance, and cannabis for men is just one of the hot topics. As a relatively young business, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible. But from the thousands of possibilities out there, we’ve curated the following list for your reading pleasure.


5 New and Exciting Marijuana Crazes

While not comprehensive, here’s where we see tremendous growth happening:

Expansion of Personal and Home Grown Marijuana.

Today, several states allow for the cultivation of a “few” (actual number determined by individual state law) personal cannabis plants for recreational and medicinal uses. And with every passing month, more and more states are jumping on board the legalization bandwagon. As a result, an unprecedented number of individuals are branching out and attempting to grow their own cannabis at home.

The result? The market is following their lead, creating more innovative and foolproof solutions for personal marijuana growth than ever before. Whether it’s automated grow box solutions (“No Green Thumb Required!”), NASA-level air cleaners for prevention of mold and fungal growth, or friendly tech and application-based solutions that keep you appraised of growing conditions minute by minute, the industry is clearly expanding.

Synthetic Marijuana Spice.

Every day, more and more research looks into the effectiveness of marijuana and its derivatives as viable medical options. Given the current opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, it’s unsurprising major pharmaceutical companies are looking for viable alternatives to pain management. But where do synthetics fit in?

Today, most synthetic cannabinoids are only approved and marketed to people with high pain management needs (think: cancer, arthritis). However, they are also drawing attention from the mainstream; the DEA recently placed three synthetic cannabinoids (aka K2 and Spice) on the Schedule 1 substances list. Expect more research and more regulation around synthetics as 2017 progresses.

Luxury Cannabis Products.

Like all luxury items, high-end cannabis products sell the experience as much as the marijuana dosage. On the affordable end of the spectrum, the growth in luxury edibles is off the charts. THC-laced macarons? Check. Luxury chocolate bars loaded with premium cannabis? Check. There are even high-end tea companies who engineer each THC-laced blend for a particular need: mood improvement, libido, pain management and sleep.

In addition to edibles, luxury vaporizers and accessories are also on the rise. Think 24k gold rolling papers and roach clips designed like an Egyptian Ankh, humidors strictly for cannabis, rose gold pipes, and trendy “on-the-go” rolling kits encased in their own leather carry pouch. These gifts are money, baby!

Marijuana Spas.

The land of cucumber and deep-sea mud is making room for another addition to the spa arsenal: cannabis. With consumers spending over $14 billion (yes, that’s with a B) on the spa industry last year alone, it’s a huge market that’s remained relatively untapped by the marijuana industry to date.

But what kind of treatments are we talking here? The most common place you’re likely to see cannabis on a spa menu is the massage section. Many therapists are offering lotions containing Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) to their patients as an anti-inflammatory enhancement to their massage.

Other spa products can include face creams or hash infusions for the tub; really, the industry is so young, we expect the options to double over the next year.

Marijuana Tastings.

Like wine-tasting, but without the hangover. The cannabis industry is one of many swept up in the artisanal movement taking place over the last five to ten years. As a result, people are paying attention to a number of the qualities and intricacies of cannabis in a way they never have before.

In the same way wine tastings showcase a wide variety of flavors, varietals, and environmental influences, cannabis tastings seek to educate consumers on the finer points of marijuana. Whether it’s a particular strain, growth method, or recommended use (inhalation versus edibles), these tastings increase awareness using a methodology many people find familiar. They also continue to the cement the mainstream appeal to society by offering food and wine pairings to further enhance the experience.

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