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Identifying Common Diseases in Plants

common diseases in plantsCannabis producers must serve a variety of roles: cultivator, agricultural scientist, plant doctor, and business person. While it’s easy enough to spot a healthy plant, recognizing signs of disease does not come as easily. Identifying common diseases in plants is a skill that will pay enormous rewards over time.

Signs of Plant Disease in Seedlings

Identifying common diseases in plants is easiest in seedlings. Although there are a variety of threats to seedling health, the most common is damping off. This fungal infection causes seedlings to fail to thrive. You may notice shallow roots and weak stems, causing seedlings to fall over.

Plant Leaves Signal Disease and Nutrient Deficiencies

If you’re concerned about common diseases in plants, take a careful look at plant leaves. Leaves that are turning yellowish or brown are often signs of nutrient deficiencies. If you notice gray, white, or tan powder on leaves, a fungal infection such as powdery mildew is the likely culprit. Finally, leaves curling under is a sign of nutrient deficiencies. If leaves curl upward, plants may be getting too much light.

Identifying Root Problems

Common diseases in plants often attack the root system. This type of problem is particularly tough to diagnose, given that roots are hidden beneath the soil surface. Look for droopy plants with curled leaves. Wilting stems, leaf yellowing, and brown lesions may be signs of a disease attacking plant roots. It is also important to keep an eye on water. If you notice your plants taking in much less water than usual, or if runoff water smells musty, a fungal infection of the roots may be to blame.

Bud Problems

Mold is the most likely of common diseases in plants to affect marijuana buds. Bud rot is a common fungus that thrives in damp growing environments with poor air circulation. Increasing air flow or using an air purification system is the best way to prevent the development and spread of this fungus. Look for fluffy white powder or small, dying spots on buds. By the time the disease advances, buds will become mushy and rotten. At this point, there is no saving the plant. Instead, focus should turn to preventing the bud rot from spreading.

Of all the plant diseases affecting marijuana plants, airborne pathogens can be the most dangerous. While pests and nutrient deficiencies can often be treated, certain fungal infections are more resistant to treatment. Investing in a technology like AiroClean420 slashes your risk of deadly fungal infections. By cleansing the air of potential pathogens, AiroClean420 ensures that airborne diseases have nowhere to go. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maximize marijuana plant health.

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