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Common Fungal Disease in Cannabis Plants

common fungal diseaseCannabis growers know that they must meticulously control environmental variables — heat, temperature, light — to keep their plants safe. More challenging to control are marijuana plant diseases. Fungal diseases are among the most common diseases affecting cannabis plants. So, when allowed to spread unchecked, they can kill an entire crop in a matter of days or weeks. Understanding common fungal diseases allows you to take preventative measures to keep your crop safe.

Botrytis Cinerea

Ask a cannabis grower what fungus he or she fears most, and Botrytis cinerea is likely to top the list. This fungus is also known as gray mold. Botrytis cinerea loves a temperate climate. It does best in cool or moderate temperatures and prefers a high humidity level. Gray mold doesn’t just affect cannabis; it also attacks many crops across the world.

Cannabis growers typically deal with Botrytis in three situations. First, seedlings are highly susceptible to the fungus and may die through a process called damping off. Second, Botrytis may attack the stems of the plant. In this situation, a grayish mat of fungal threads cover the stem of a plant. Finally, Botrytis may infect the flowering tops of a plant. Large female buds are most likely to succumb to gray mold. Check buds carefully for wilting fan leaflets or pistils that have begun browning.

Hemp Canker

Hemp canker is one of several common fungal diseases affecting marijuana plants. Caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, the fungus typically attacks plants that are mature or nearing maturity. The first signs of a problem are small lesions that form on stem leaves and branches. These become discolored and may be covered in a white, powdery fungus. Eventually, plants fall over and die.

Downy Mildew

Downy mildew, caused by several species in the Pseudoperonospora family, is a common cause of marijuana plant loss. This fungus deposits down-like threads on marijuana plants, often attacking the stems and buds. Immediate action must be taken to prevent downy mildew from spreading and infecting other plants.

Preventing Common Fungal Diseases in Marijuana Plants

When it comes to fungal diseases, preventing their appearance is easier than taking care of them once they’ve infected your plants. The best defense against common fungal diseases is an air purification system. For example, AiroClean420 intakes air from your ambient growing environment, captures fungal spores, and destroys them. This prevents fungi from spreading throughout your grow room, infecting an entire crop.

To learn more about how AiroClean420 can prevent the spread of fungal diseases, contact us today to learn more about this method of capturing and eliminating fungal spores.

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