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Cannabis Trade Shows are Back – Attract Visitors and Build a Better Booth!

Cannabis Trade Shows are Back

Don’t miss out, you could win dozens of new prospects this year! In-person trade shows are coming back, and a blooming cannabis industry needs your solutions. For a supplier, showcasing products in your booth space is how you can make your solutions real for growers and prospective customers.

Imagine, then, demonstrating in-person how growers can protect their plants while reducing their reliance on pesticides. Or, how they can create a safer atmosphere for their employees with a unit that’s as easy to hang up and use as a light fixture. You could have the “cleanest” booth in the show and advertise that fact! Here’s how you can attract visitors at trade shows and get leads using AiroClean420.

Discover the Benefits

First, let’s get to know AiroClean420. AiroClean420 is an air purification system that uses technology Developed for NASA to eliminate organic threats in the air, producing zero emissions. It destroys airborne mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and much more.

That means employees protected by AiroClean420 don’t need to worry about inhaling spores, allergens, or germs. And, plants are defended against fungal infections and airborne disease. All of this happens without producing any harmful emissions, such as ozone.

AiroClean420 defends against common cannabis diseases like botrytis blight, powdery mildew, hemp canker, and many more all across the production process. It can also help reduce microbial load, giving growers a better opportunity to pass regulatory tests. We’ve explored all the possibilities in-depth with more than 150 articles, so no matter your niche or customer there’s an AiroClean420 blog article to answer any questions.

Showcasing an AiroClean420 Unit

On the day of the trade show, your booth setup is the key to attracting more visitors. When showcasing the AiroClean420, you’ll wow with a live demo! Running the unit is easy, it plugs right into any grounded outlet or extension, and with the flip of a switch can operate continuously.

Visitors can see the unit operating, hear the very slight sound of the air circulating, and feel the throughput for themselves. A key note here is that the unit will not interfere with light levels or air circulation, so users don’t need to adjust their environmental systems.

On a shelf or display, it’s an attraction of its own. But to truly dazzle, your booth might include a miniature hydroponic display with a unit proudly hanging above to showcase how easy actual installation is. And be sure to remember, the air in and around your booth could be some of the cleanest in the expo!

Supplying The Best in Air Purification to Your New Prospects

Any indoor crop needs air purification for total protection, and with AiroClean420, your customers can have technology that’s trusted for NASA. Take a look at our educational blogs on everything from stopping powdery mildew, to the technology that runs our units, and see for yourself how AiroClean420 will help you stand out at the next B2B cannabis trade show. Then, reach out to us to talk about the units that are right for your customers.

Plus, don’t miss us at NECANN in September, booth #427, and MJBizCon in October, booth #C7008! Be sure to stop by and say hello.

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