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Provide Clean Cannabis to Meet New Demand

holding clean cannabis provide clean cannabis to meet new demand

Legalization in new states and new legislation in others is poised to create new demand for clean cannabis products. As an indoor grower, you have a unique opportunity to provide clean cannabis with no mold or bacterial contamination – and you can do it organically.

Clean cannabis goes beyond contamination. Of course, the expectation in a clean product requires that there be no microscopic threats like mold spores, mildew, viruses or bacteria. To many consumers it means no unwanted chemicals either – things like pesticides and antifungal sprays that can linger even through curing and processing.

Less Chemicals, No Microbials

Providing clean cannabis means fighting these threats without the use of heavy chemicals – and when you grow indoors it becomes much easier to maintain a clean product. Since many of these infectious organic particles travel through the air, that means creating a system that can kill and eliminate unwanted organic particles – without producing anything dangerous that could interfere with your grow.

AiroClean420 is your ticket to providing a clean product, free of microbes and ready to pass state regulations. If you’re really looking to provide clean cannabis, free of pesticides, scrubbing the air is a phenomenal practice. It can eliminate the diseases that often wreak havoc on cannabis crops, like powdery mildew and gray mold.

Meet Regulations and Protect Your Clean Cannabis

AiroClean420 helps you pass regulations by destroying microbials before they have a chance to land on your plants. To scrub the air without producing any emissions, we use a technology Developed for NASA called photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO. It uses a reactor bed along with a set of proprietary lamps to destroy unwanted organic particles and volatile organic compounds.

In a PCO air purifier, microbes, mold spores, and VOCs enter the chamber and are reduced to harmless trace elements of water vapor and carbon dioxide. What circulates out to your plants is pure, clean air – and no emissions are produced. With no pesticides and no microbes on your plants, that means you can confidently say your cannabis is clean, and you’ll be prepared to meet fresh demand for a well-grown product.

Unlock the Power of PCO for Clean Cannabis

With multiple units available, AiroClean420 makes it easy to provide coverage to your entire facility, big or small. Use this tool to calculate the full size of your space, and get your free facility proposal. We’ll help you design a PCO air purification system that fully covers your needs for producing clean cannabis.

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