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What to do About White Mold on Your Buds

what to do about white mold on your plants

White mold comes in many forms – but it’s always bad news for your cannabis plants, and especially their buds. Plants with white mold on the buds are already too far gone, and depending on your location, they may need to be processed into extract or completely destroyed. You might still have time, though, to save the rest of your crop. Here’s what to do about white mold on your buds – and how you can prevent this from happening again.

Kinds of White Mold on Buds

Vigilance is key; here are a few white molds you might identify on your plants:

  • Powdery Mildew: The bane of cannabis growers everywhere, this mold lives up to its name. It appears as a white, powdery substance on leaves and buds.
  • Downy Mildew: A subtle fungus, downy mildew appears as yellow spots on the tops of leaves, with a thick white layer underneath. This fungus is most visible on leaves, but can attack buds as well.
  • Botrytis: Also known as bud rot, this mold can destroy an entire crop in under a week, so early detection pays off. It appears as a white-gray powder on buds – and sometimes causes raised bumps on an infected plant’s leaves before appearing in full.

Saving Your Crop

Upon detecting any of these symptoms, isolate the plant from the rest of your crop and inspect the surrounding plants thoroughly – including looking under leaves, looking at plant parts low to the ground, and carefully checking the buds. If there is mold on the bud, it’s already too late – you’ll need to throw that plant out. If it’s only on the leaves, keep the plant isolated and remove the affected leaves to try to save it. If you’re growing without fungicide however, you may want to keep this plant isolated as it recovers to be sure the infection doesn’t come back.

Preventing Mold Altogether

The best way to prevent mold from attacking your crops again is to be proactive and stop the mold from landing on your plants in the first place. AiroClean420 is the solution, preventing airborne mold and mildew from coming near your cannabis plants. As air passes through the unit, all organic threats are eliminated. Absolutely no harmful emissions are produced, leaving your grow room with only clean air.

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