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Avoid these three environmental control mistakes in your cannabis grow!

avoid environmental control mistakes in your cannabis grow

You can prevent cannabis crop losses due to disease. As an indoor cannabis grower, you’ve got total control over your grow environment. But, that means human error is also a present threat to your environmental control and cannabis crops.

As your grow progresses, temperature needs change, pressure needs stay the same, and microbial threats are always evolving. Slipping on any one of these can invite microbial activity, and bacteria, mold, mildew, and viruses can attack your plants.

Luckily, the right air purification system can actually take care of the threats that arise from these issues. Read on to learn what you can do to avoid these mistakes, and to see how AiroClean420 can stop any mold and microbes that make their way into your grow.

1. The Wrong Temperature (and humidity) Throughout the Lifecycle

Mold, bacteria, and disease love warm, humid environments – but, for most of their lives, so do your plants! Temperature and humidity are your environmental control keys, and they can make or break your cannabis crops.

Temperature affects relative humidity (RH), the amount of water in the air. High humidity means a plant will take water in from the air through its leaves, lower humidity forces a plant to drink through its roots. Cool air holds less vapor, lowering the RH, while warm air holds more, raising the RH.

The best grow room temperatures and RH levels vary across the lifecycle of the plant, because your plants’ needs change. Here’s a handy chart to help keep that temperature right.

Growth Stage Temperature Range Humidity Range
Seedling / Clone Stage 75-80 °F 75-85%
Vegetative Stage 70-78 °F 40-60%
Flowering Stage 68-75 °F 35-45%


Be sure to turn the temperature down by a few degrees at “night” when the grow lights are off. At higher temps, and higher RH levels – as well as the flowering stage, the risk of mold is much greater, so proper air purification is key throughout the lifecycle of your plants.

2. Allowing for Negative Pressure

If your grow room isn’t completely sealed, air pressure will influence the flow of the air in or out. With negative airflow, cracks in doors and windows will be letting in outside air – including the microbes, mold spores, and other threats riding that air. It’s useful for controlling odors from your grow, but positive pressure is better for preventing diseases from filtering in.

To create positive pressure, simply introduce a higher volume of air in than is being exhausted. However, if odor is a factor you’d like to control, you can still maintain a negative pressure environment – you just need the right air purification system. An AiroClean420 system will scrub the air of mold, bacteria, and other unwanted organic particles – all without producing any emissions.

3. Allowing mold spores and bacteria to circulate by not installing an AiroClean420 system.

Even with the best environmental control, your cannabis grow can still be exposed to mold, powdery mildew, botrytis blight, hemp canker, and much more. You need a system that’s proven effective against these threats so you can focus on what really matters – your crop.

AiroClean420 is the photocatalytic oxidation air purification solution that will protect your plants no matter the growing temperature, humidity, or air pressure. Find out more about AiroClean420 – use this tool to get an idea of the size of your facility and request a free facility proposal.

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