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Grow Room Checklist

A cannabis grow room, checklist article

Setting up a grow room for the first time is both exciting and complex. Even if you are good at growing cannabis at home, putting a proper grow room together is sometimes hard to do. For most people, it is challenging to set up a proper grow room alone. A grow room checklist will help. Use the grow room checklist below as a reference point as you plan your room and set it up.

The process of setting up a grow room and growing cannabis are two entirely separate skill sets. You don’t need to be able to set up a grow room to be a great grower thankfully. Truth be told, getting help from experienced grow room designers and technicians is your best bet. Essentially, setting up a grow room includes safely hanging lights, fans, and more depending on your design. Sometimes an electrician or plumber is needed to assess and support your efforts. If any grow room setup tasks seem too hard for you to do alone, then simply find a local handyman or capable friend to assist you.

It is often overwhelming for many people to watch several grow room build out videos and read a dozen articles about designing grow rooms. To help you connect the dots and stay on track, use our grow room checklist below. Whether you plan to grow in soil or use hydroponic systems, use it to help guide your planning, purchases, and design.

A Grow Room Checklist

· LED grow lights

· Grow safety glasses

· Sufficient electrical power (consult an electrician)

· Intake fan with HEPA filters (sized appropriately)

· Rotating wall fans

· Exhaust fan with carbon filters (sized appropriately)

· AiroClean420 air purifier (now available in two sizes)

· Hydroponic systems (dutch bucket, ebb & flow, drain to waste, etc.)

· Felt pots, plastic pots, felt beds, etc.

· Plant Movers / Plant Rollers

· Soil, Coco, or Grodan (rockwool) Cubes

· Soil Moisture Reader (soil growing)

· Hygrometers

· Temperature and humidity control systems (Troll Master, Titan Controls, etc.)

· Humidifier (sized appropriately)

· Dehumidifier / AC (sized appropriately)

· Fertilizer / nutrients

· PH testers / PH solutions (liquid drops, PH gun, or both)

· EC reader (hydroponics)

· Netting, Stakes, Gardening String/Wire, etc.

· Trimming tables

· Drying and curing equipment

· Trim scissors and loppers

· Pest control (contact-killing)

· Pest control (preventative insecticide, miticide + fungicide)

· Pest Application Spray Bottles / Sprayer Backpacks

· Grow Room Cleanliness (sanitized with bleach and water solution)

· Cloning Equipment (Clone Dome, Peat Pods or Grodan Cubes, Clone Nutes, Cloning Scalpel or Scissors, Clone Dome Heating Pad)

· Cannabis seeds or clones (gardener’s choice)

· CO2 (a “get to” not a “got to”)

If you aren’t yet familiar with air purification, the AiroClean420 air purifier will help your plants from getting powdery mildew or other airborne fungal plant diseases. It is not a filter, but rather it uses photocatalytic oxidation technology to literally explode subatomic powdery mildew spores into nothing but water vapor. They are available in two sizes. AiroClean420’s large commercial units for large indoor commercial facilities have been used across North America for several years in indoor commercial cannabis cultivation facilities. The smaller unit, AiroClean420 Home Hobby model, is suitable for a 12 x 10 x 10 ft. grow room and grow tents at least 4 x 4 ft.

If this is your first grow room, then do not use netting on your first crop. This is because when growers get powdery mildew or spider mites and their plants are entangled in netting in the far back row, it is extremely difficult to remedy the situation. If you don’t remedy the situation, it inevitably causes a problem for your entire grow space. Instead of using netting from the beginning, first ensure you are able to maintain a pest and disease free grow room over a few successful harvests. When you are successful, then you can confidently use netting in your grow room.

Without a good grow room checklist, you might miss a few key steps that could make or break your success. Put this one to good use. Preparedness always pays off in the long run, especially with risky projects like indoor cannabis cultivation.

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