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Best Grow Setup for Indoors

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To achieve the best grow setup for indoors, a home grower must address more than grow light selection, and options like grow tent vs. grow room, or hydroponics vs. growing in soil. They also need to consider their need for optimal air flow, air purification, pest control, and temperature and humidity control systems.

Grow kits for indoor setups only sometimes save you money. So if you really know what you’re looking for, then you can shop products out separately. You should be informed and selective when choosing a grow kit for your indoor grow setup. The fact is the best grow setup for indoors is rarely found in one grow kit. Most grow kits sold at stores and online are not great because they are either incomplete, or they actually include unnecessary components you don’t even need.

The best indoor grow setup is a tall order. However, a solid grow kit can be a great starting point for an indoor grow setup. A good grow room checklist will help you plan your indoor grow.

As for grow light selection, the best grow lights today are LED grow lights. Currently there are companies like Horticultural Lighting Group, Luxx Lighting, KIND LED, and Gavita who offer top-rated LED grow lights for modern grow rooms. These lights are commercial grade grow lights, but are also frequently used in home grows. If you want the best grow setup indoors, be prepared to spend at least $600 for a decent grow light. However, many LED grow lights now go up to around $1,200. Most commercial grow lights are usually too hot for a grow tent unless they are dialed down to their lowest settings.

Air purification is a key part of any modern grow room. The best way to keep a grow room safe from powdery mildew infestations is with AiroClean420 air purifiers. AiroClean420 air purifiers use PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) technology to safely destroy airborne powdery mildew spores as air gets pulled through the device.

These air purifiers can be hung in the center of your grow room, or anywhere in your grow tent. If you want the best grow room setup, AiroClean420 air purifiers are a priority. AiroClean420 is available in two sizes. The smaller unit, AiroClean420 Home Hobby model, is suitable for 12 x 10 x 10 ft. grow rooms and grow tents at least 4 x 4 ft. The original AiroClean model is ideal for commercial grow rooms up to 7,500 cubic ft.

Air flow is an important factor to address in any indoor setup. When you place a grow tent in a room in your home without windows, be sure to keep the door open to allow air flow. In a grow room setup, you will use an exhaust fan, most likely with a carbon filter to eliminate cannabis odor as it leaves the room. You’d also use an intake fan, likely with a HEPA filter to clean the air entering the room from contaminants like pests.

The use of CO2 in closed grow room spaces, not small grow tents in your bedroom, can also help you achieve one of the best grow setups possible. Using CO2 should be the very last step you take since there are safety factors to be concerned about. It is important to do your homework and learn how to properly use CO2 in a sealed grow room setup. As for pest prevention and control, it’s simple, don’t skimp on IPM! Integrated pest management can’t be ignored in any indoor grow room setup.

Temperature and humidity control are also critical to your grow room ‘s success. If you are going to go through the trouble of building a great grow room, don’t flub it up by not monitoring and managing the temperature and humidity therein. From fans to humidifiers and air conditioners, all of them can be configured to go on and off to help your grow room manage the temperature and humidity for you.

The best indoor grow setup should be clean, organized, and efficient. Grow rooms aren’t cheap to set up, but the investment you put into them will pay off greatly for years to come. Especially if you put together the best grow setup from the beginning!

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