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Old fashioned grow rooms vs. Modern grow rooms 

modern grow rooms vs old fashioned grow rooms

In many respects, modern grow rooms wouldn’t be here without old-school grow rooms. On the other hand, modern commercial cannabis cultivation is reinvigorating how small grow spaces are being planned, built and run today.

Commercial cannabis is a booming business this 2020. It really is an incredible feat because cannabis is still federally illegal in the United States. We have international cannabis law reform and US states’ rights to thank for our booming cannabis age. Although large cannabis companies profits may be ebbing and flowing, their efforts have paved the way for advancements in modern grow rooms. Homegrowers, hobby growers and caregivers who have not paid attention to developments in commercial cannabis cultivation methodology over the years may be surprised to learn what’s new.
If you were to picture an old school grow room using your imagination, you might conjure up a vision of a garage, or basement, or small warehouse overflowing with hot HPS lights, lots of ducting, and exhaust fans running 24/7.

These days are now behind us. Welcome to the future of modern grow rooms! Modern indoor commercial cultivation grows are using cutting edge technology and have a few key plot twists for growers to consider today. They’ve adopted new technologies to make their large scale commercial grows yield more, and be more efficient and more cost-effective.

Modern grow room methods:

-PCO Air Purification Systems

The tipping point to redefining the way growers think about air in their grow space.

-LED lighting
The tipping point of commercial grows becoming significantly more cost-effective.

-Vertical gardening systems
The tipping point in maximizing grow spaces for greater yields.


PCO air purification is a game-changer in cannabis cultivation when it comes to prevent powdery mildew. AiroClean420’s PCO air purification systems are already in use throughout indoor commercial cannabis farms across North America. They are completely safe, and have no ozone or emissions.

What is PCO air purification? PCO stands for Photocatalytic Oxidation.
Photocatalytic Oxidation technology is actually used in agriculture, cannabis, hospitals, NASA, as well as many other industries. It is the strongest and safest way to clean air. PCO technology is good enough for spacecraft and hospitals — and ideal for modern grow spaces where safety is also paramount.
Not only does PCO air purification bring about clean air, and thus happy health plants, it also changes how you think about your intake and exhaust fans in your grow space. Because you have clean, purified air, you want to keep it around, not exhaust it. Commercial grows now exhaust air on an “as needed” basis, not as a 24/7 routine practice.

Nothing protects plants from getting powdery mildew, blight, rust, or downey infestations better than having clean air. Clean air in your grow space is now an achievable reality because of PCO air purification which completely eliminates airborne PM spores on a subatomic level.

Home growers, hobby growers and caregivers who are tired of fighting PM with just topical sprays, or who just want to kill PM the way professionals do, will benefit greatly by adding AiroClean420  units to their indoor garden.


LED lighting is becoming the new norm now that LEDS can strongly compete with HPS lighting. HPS lighting is arguably the token old-school grow room light. HPS lighting grows dense heavy flowers, but generates a great deal of heat, much more than LED. With LED grow lights, you have far less heat to manage with large AC’s and fans. Gavita sells the highest end LEDs in the market place for around $1400-$1700. Horticulture Lighting Group, Fluence also offer commercial industry grade LEDs at a lower price around $800 – $1100. These ultra-premium best-in-class LED grow lights are suitable for home growers desiring superior yield and quality in their modern grow room. These lights are used in many commercial grows around the world.

Many veteran growers who have relied on HPS lighting, have seen commercial farms make their switch, and follow suit. Some old school growers have scoffed, but many are ready to make the change.

Besides air purification systems and LED grow lights, many modern grow rooms are equipped with vertical gardening systems.


Vertical gardening is all about maximizing your grow space, specifically by taking advantage of the height you have, to increase your yields. So if you grow UP, you can maximize the space you have to grow it. That is the goal with vertical gardening.

Many commercial indoor farms are using mobile vertical grow racks to maximize flower production. Some suggest you can increase your yield per square. ft up to 3x by implementing a vertical gardening system.

Home growers can grow up with racks too. Look at Pipp Horticulture to see how indoor commercial cannabis farms grow up with vertical gardening. Their shortest racks, ideal for home growers, are 6ft. tall, but they may make custom ones for you if you make an inquiry.

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