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AiroPro Home and Office Air Purification Now Available

An AiroPro air purifier will help protect your family from viruses and respiratory tract infections

Help protect yourself and your family from respiratory tract infections, viruses, and disease. AiroPro Home and Office is an air purification system with technology Developed for NASA that people around the world rely on to defend their businesses from airborne threats of all kinds. For over 20 years our air purification technology has been used with great success in industries ranging from food storage to specialty agriculture. Now, you can use the power of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to help keep your home or office safe from these contaminants. The AiroPro Home and Office is our new unit designed especially for home and office use, and this powerful air purifier is available to protect your respiratory health and reduce your exposure to viruses, allergens, fungi, and more.

Eliminate Viruses and Bacteria

With the AiroPro Home and Office, you’ll have significant protection from airborne viruses, bacteria, as well as other illness-causing contaminants. Contaminated air enters the unit and only pure air exits. The AiroPro unit eliminates those airborne threats and releases only clean air. It does so without producing any harmful emissions or chemicals, so you can trust it to purify the air in your home 24 hours a day.

Powerful Photocatalytic Oxidation

It’s all in the AiroPro’s patented bio-conversion reactor bed. Contaminated air enters the sealed chamber with our patented catalyst. An array of high-intensity proprietary PCO lamps cause the catalyst to activate and form millions of hydroxyl radicals. Those radicals react with contaminants like viruses, respiratory tract infections, as well as allergens. They then reduce these threats to carbon dioxide, water vapor, and trace elements.

Small Profile, Big Impact

In addition to viruses and allergens, the AiroPro can help control mold spores and fungus, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your home and office. One unit can process the air for a space of up to 1500 cubic feet. Multiple units will provide whole-home protection, and your family will be able to breathe easier knowing their air is safer.

Take Control of Your Air

Don’t take chances with the air quality in your home or office. Powerful protection from viruses, mold, bacteria, respiratory tract infections, as well as allergens is available. Contact us to learn more about the AiroPro Home and Office air purification system. With purification on your side, you’ll be breathing pure, clean air in your home and offices.

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