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Why are Home Growers Turning to Air Purification?

Why are home growers turning to air purification

Home growers, caregivers and hobby growers have greatly struggled throughout all of time trying to stop powdery mildew from ruining cannabis gardens. Everyone knows there’s a wide variety of techniques to combat powdery mildew. Yet people still continue to struggle with powdery mildew.

Where do you turn after you’ve tried everything? Or where do you turn if you want to skip all the numerous options with limited effectiveness?

You may be surprised where you’ll turn. Much has happened in cannabis cultivation over the years. New advancements in technology have made indoor cannabis cultivation easier and home growers can now benefit too.

Turn to air purification with AiroClean420 like large scale cannabis farms do.

AiroClean420’s is the cannabis industry leader in air purification and has taken powdery mildew prevention and clean air to the maximum level. Game-changing air purification technology that was once only available to commercial cannabis farms is now available to home growers. Your PM-free days are ahead!

Before air purification was something to turn to, a grower’s typical experience struggling with powdery mildew would look similar to this:

Day 1: “Ack! I saw white fuzzy powdery mildew splotches on a few leaves and removed them. I also applied a foliar spray, and lowered the humidity as best as possible.”

Day 2. “Ugh! Upon closer look, I see powdery mildew on more leaves, as well as on some branches and stems. Repeat defoliation, repeat foliar sprays, and try to lower humidity more. I sure hope my plants will recover!”

Days 3, 4, 5, etc. “Repeat of Day 2

Catch the drift? It’s very frustrating! Even with earnest effort, powdery mildew is notoriously difficult to deal with. Most growers know exactly what it’s like to be caught in the never-ending cycle of trying to stop powdery mildew. It’s expensive, it’s frustrating, it’s a crop killer and you have no one to blame. Sometimes you have to count your losses and suffer the consequences. Most indoor growers have had to discard a harvest or two due to powdery mildew infestations. If you have lost personal harvests to powdery mildew, you are not alone. Far from it!

Although stopping powdery mildew may have felt impossible before, or you’re currently fighting it, you’ve got air purification to turn to.

Home growers are turning to air purification because it is proven to be effective at reducing instances of powdery mildew outbreaks at indoor commercial cannabis farms.

In fact, thousands of AiroClean420 air purification units have been operating at indoor commercial cannabis farms across North America.

Cody Henderson, Facility Manager at Desert Horizon Cultivation Facility in California just shared his experience with AiroClean420. He shared, “I have been designing and building cultivation facilities for over 18 years. It is a rare thing when a piece of equipment comes along that is truly indispensable. I have installed AiroClean420 units in every facility that I have built since discovering them. Simply put I will NOT build, remodel, or manage a facility without these units.”

Home growers can follow commercial growers lead and focus on preventing PM with air purification.

The focus of your indoor home grow is better off on preventing, not eradicating, powdery mildew. When it comes to battling powdery mildew, preventive actions trump eradication actions. At the end of the day, you’re either preventing PM or trying to kill it off — and it’s much easier to prevent than get rid of.

In terms of prevention, even some of the most well-known preventative actions like ensuring proper room humidity and rotating foliar sprays doesn’t always work. Air purification, however, has been remarkably successful at preventing powdery mildew in commercial grows for over five years and now in home grows.

Let’s talk about the precise type of air purification you’re reading about, because not all air purifiers are the same.

AiroClean420’s air purification system is PCO air purification. PCO stands for Photocatalytic Oxidation. This technology is NASA-derived, and was originally used to clean and sanitize air on US spacecraft. It was also applied to various industries to ensure clean air in hospitals, for food and beverage storage, and in wineries.

AiroClean420 made PCO air purification available to both commercial cannabis grows and home growers.

PCO air purification is not the same as air filtration. PCO air purification kills, destroys, and eliminates airborne contaminants on a subatomic level. It does so without filters, or any harmful emissions, ozone or UV. Air filtration systems are different — they capture contaminants with a filter. As a downside, when filters don’t get replaced in time, they eventually blow back all the captured contaminants right back into your grow space. Fatal error!

However, it is notable that both AiroClean420 commercial and home units have incorporated filtration into their design. Except exclusively to keep the proprietary PCO bio-conversion beds cleaner and thus more effective.

Here’s how AiroClean420 purifiers work. Each unit has a fan and bio-conversion reactor bed that contains a catalyst. The bio-conversion reactor bed utilizes a proprietary light source to excite this catalyst. Once this occurs, then Hydroxyl Radicals are formed on the surface of the catalyst. As air is pulled into the unit through the bio-conversion reactor bed, harmful contaminants like powdery mildew, bacteria, pollen, voc’s, other fungal diseases all get killed. The result? Clean, safe, contaminant-free air. The only by-products are trace elements of CO2 and water vapor, so there are no harmful emissions at all.

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