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Passing Your Cannabis Compliance Tests

passing your cannabis compliance tests

Growing and selling cannabis means adhering to strict industry standards to ensure quality and safety for the end consumer. These standards vary from state to state – but most of them involve controlling microbes, contaminants, and chemicals on your plants. It takes careful consideration of your grow environment to limit these threats to your crops. You can pass your cannabis compliance tests – and with Airoclean 420 it’s easier than you think.

Controlling Microbial Load

Microbes are one of the biggest threats to the integrity of your product. Bacteria, viruses, and fungus all enter your grow space through the air, and if they aren’t controlled properly, they can cause you to fail a cannabis compliance test. Treatment before harvest may not be as effective at reducing these threats to acceptable levels. The best way to stop these threats is to keep them from reaching your plants altogether. Proper air purification will eliminate threats from the air – preventing them from ever landing on your crops in the first place.

Avoiding Harmful Chemical Residue

Heavy fungicides are often used to control microbial contaminants on plants, but great care must be taken if these chemicals are being applied in your facility. Not only can they cause respiratory issues for your employees, they are also subject to strict regulation. Pesticides and fungicides like myclobutanil are among the chemicals tested for in commercial cannabis production in many states. Reduce the need for heavy fungicides. Purify the air in your grow space and you won’t have to worry about those chemicals on your product.

Keep Everything Organic

Finally, it can be difficult to meet organic growing standards. After all, you have to keep your crops free of certain fertilizers, and you don’t want harmful fungicides anywhere near your plants. Keeping the air around your plants clean is key in growing organic cannabis. With Airoclean 420, you can reduce your need to spray heavy chemicals to keep your plants free from fungus, mold, and bacteria. It eliminates threats from the air with the power of photocatalytic oxidation – and produces only harmless trace elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. Meaning that you can ace your organic cannabis compliance tests.

Pass Your Cannabis Compliance Tests With Airoclean 420

Don’t let your crops be destroyed with a test failure! Pass your cannabis compliance tests by purifying the air in your grow facility. Airoclean 420 eliminates mold, bacteria, viruses, and more from the air with technology Developed for NASA. Request a quote today and discover how you can protect your facility – no harmful chemicals needed.

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