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Finding an Effective Powdery Mildew Killer

Finding an effective powdery mildew killer

You do everything in your power to protect your cannabis crops, and yet powdery mildew still seems to infect your plants when you least expect it. It’s so frustrating to have to remove one or more plants, and then scramble to disinfect the rest of your crop. This cycle is exhausting and costly, but it doesn’t have to continue. You can stop fungus and other contaminants in their tracks when you implement an effective powdery mildew killer.

Killing Powdery Mildew Before it Lands

Most often, powdery mildew comes into your cannabis grow space through the air. It lands on a plant and begins its attack, spreading quickly. There is a way to destroy it before it even gets to your crops though. Stopping powdery mildew means thoroughly purifying the air in your cultivation space. Airoclean 420 is a powerful air purification system designed to destroy airborne threats – preventing them from even becoming a problem for your plants.

technology Developed for NASA to Fight Contaminants

Your grow space is a delicate environment. A particular temperature and humidity must be maintained, and there are a large number of airborne pathogens and contaminants to control. Protecting a sensitive environment like that is exactly why Developed for NASA the technology inside our Airoclean 420 units. With the power of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), fungus, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne threats are eliminated and reduced to trace elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

Clean Air, Safe Harvest

So what does that mean for your crops? When you eliminate powdery mildew and other pathogens from the air, it leaves you with less to worry about in your grow facility. Focus on providing the best possible environment for your plants, and watch as they thrive in the clean, pure air.

Eliminate the Threat

With PCO working for you, reducing your plants’ exposure to powdery mildew is simple. But you want to eliminate the threat. That’s why an Airoclean 420 system is your most effective powdery mildew killer. It stops threats before they reach your plants. Reach out for a quote, and see the difference that Airoclean 420 can make in your facility.

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