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Even Better Than a Grow Room Air Filter

carbon air filters work for cannabis farming?

You want protection that goes further for your cannabis crop. When you’re up against powdery mildew, blight disease, and other airborne threats in your grow room, do you really want to bet it all on a carbon air filter in your grow room alone? Not all filters are created equal – and not all filters can stand up to the purification power of the technology Developed for NASA in an AiroClean 420 unit. Discover what’s really standing between your plants and contracting an airborne infection.

Are Carbon Filters Really Effective?

Carbon air filters are some of the most common filter types found in cannabis farming. Used mainly to help reduce and prevent odors as well as dust, by default a carbon filter can initially filter out some particulates simply by its design. These filters, however, have disadvantages. Large spaces require large amounts of carbon to filter, meaning your filters are going to be big and bulky. And, while a carbon filter can initially catch some particulates, other particles such as fungal spores, microbes, and bacteria are too small and still slip through, exposing your plants to potential infections. The ability of the carbon air filter to reduce odors and even capture some particulate matter in your grow room quickly diminishes with time and you have to stay on top of changing these filters out.

Infections like botrytis, powdery mildew, blight, and more are small enough that they will be missed by a carbon air filter in your grow room. Once they land on your crop, it may only be a matter of time before they spread and multiply, causing serious damage.

Serious Air Purification

There is a way to truly protect your plants from these airborne threats. Prevent fungi, viruses, bacteria, pollen, and other small particulates from becoming an issue with the power of photocatalytic oxidation. PCO technology is how the AiroClean 420 unit purifies the air in your grow room and eliminates the threat of these airborne particles.

As contaminated air enters the unit, it passes over a catalyst made of titanium dioxide. Proprietary high-intensity PCO lamps inside the unit emit light that reacts with the catalyst, releasing millions of hydroxyl radicals. The radicals react with the particles in the air, destroying 99.999% of organic contaminants and generating only trace elements of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and clean air – absolutely no harmful emissions.

A Better Way to Clean Your Air

The AiroClean 420 unit is inexpensive to operate, doesn’t require retrofitting, and effectively eliminates the contaminants in your air. Stop worrying about what could be in your crops’ air – contact us today and get a facility proposal. Discover the difference AiroClean 420 makes.

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