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Happy 420 to Cannabis Growers, Producers, Cultivators!

It’s the best time of the year for cannabis growers. We could not be prouder to wish a happy 420 to all the cannabis growers, producers, cultivators and enthusiasts! The cannabis industry has come a long way, and we hope, through AiroClean420 air sanitation, you are able to reap the rewards of clean, mold-free crops this holiday.

It’s In Everything We Do

420 is in our name. AiroClean420 is a true representation of what we promise to you: Clean air for your cannabis. Therefore, our Developed for NASA technology works 24/7 to stop powdery mildew and provide pure air without harmful emissions or ozone.

Since our air purification system works at all times, you can celebrate 420 and rest assured your cannabis crop is safe from airborne threats. With over 1,500 units in operation, we take immense pride in offering our customers a simple, powerful solution to powdery mildew, mold, and VOCs.

Your Freshest 420 Yet

We appreciate and wish all cannabis growers, producers, cultivators, and enthusiasts a happy 420 every year. From keeping you compliant to protecting both your plants and your investments, our AiroClean420 air sanitation system is the easiest way to have your freshest cannabis crop on 420 and year round.

As you prepare for the biggest marijuana holiday of the year, AiroClean420 is here to help make it your most profitable yet. Your employees will enjoy working in a facility with no ozone. The plants in your facility will thrive in an environment without harsh chemicals or gases. We’re ready to keep the air your facility clean. And most importantly, your customers will appreciate clean, thoughtfully curated and cultivated marijuana to enjoy on 420 and beyond.

From all of us here at AiroClean420, we hope you have a fruitful, happy 420! Already preparing for next year? If you want to grow your cleanest cannabis yet, contact us for a free facility proposal.


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