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Keep Powdery Mildew Off Cannabis Plants

Putting a stop to powdery mildew is a daunting and difficult task. The devastating cannabis mold spreads quickly and costs growers thousands in losses. Growers all around North America trust our air purification to stop powdery mildew, and with AiroClean420 air sanitation, you can effortlessly keep powdery mildew off cannabis plants for good. Keep reading to see how easy it is to be mold-free.

Maintaining Clean Green

Over 1,500 AiroClean420 air purification units are working around the clock to push clean air throughout cannabis facilities. Our system works by eliminating airborne threats like mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, odors and other VOCs and converting them into carbon dioxide and water vapor. The purified air our system produces keeps your marijuana free of harmful emissions, powdery mildew and more. AiroClean420 air purification system has NO ozone, so your employees are protected from the effects of ozone as well.

Clean air keeps your cannabis plants vibrant and thriving. Once you are able to stop powdery mildew with AiroClean420, you can keep powdery mildew off cannabis plants indefinitely. Sound like a lot of maintenance? Our AiroClean420 system is self-cleaning and only requires an annual replacement of the proprietary AiroClean420 lamps. Therefore, it’s as easy as “plug ‘n’ play!” We can help you grow and maintain your cleanest green yet.

Where the Air is Clear

Powdery mildew and airborne threats are not typically visible, and growers tend to find out about an infestation after it has spread to several cannabis plants. By implementing a powerful air sanitation unit like AiroClean420, marijuana growers and cultivators are able to remove unseen threats like powdery mildew and botrytis blight. Having our system in place allows us to destroy airborne threats. This, as a result, also protects your marijuana plants at any stage of growth before the plant diseases have time to infect.

No chemicals are needed to keep powdery mildew off cannabis plants when you have our Developed for NASA technology installed in your facility. As a result, our system will not produce any ozone or harmful gasses. Powdery mildew is not able to cultivate, spread or damage any of your marijuana plants. You can remain compliant within cannabis industry standards. And, ultimately, customers will value your high-quality product.

Stop & Keep Powdery Mildew Off Cannabis Plants

We offer free facility proposals, so you’ve got nothing but airborne threats to lose. You can keep powdery mildew off cannabis plants with our AiroClean420 air purification system. All you have to do is contact us.

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