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Cannabis Quality Management Starts With Clean Air

Cannabis quality management starts with clean air

Consistency, safety, and control over outcomes are the hallmarks of quality in a wide variety of industries. Quality management for cannabis means reaching these goals, but with a unique set of variables to control. Water and fertilizer distribution are simple, and growth stages are predictable for most strains – but there’s at least one unknown in every aspect of production: what’s in the air? To be able to answer that question, plain air filtration may not be enough, and pesticides may create a new set of problems – you need to be sure that airborne threats are being destroyed without compromising the quality of your product. AiroClean420 can get you there and keep your product safe for the consumer, here’s how.

Reducing Losses

Fungal spores, bacteria, viruses – these pathogens are all threats to your cannabis – and their largest attack vector is the air. If you’re not using proper air purification, and you only lose a little bit of your yield to these attackers, you’re extremely lucky. The more common case is that airborne infections like powdery mildew cause devastation to multiple plants at a time – and they can even spread to affect your entire crop. Proper air purification – such as that in AiroClean420 – contributes to your consistency and reduces losses like these by destroying airborne threats, rather than capturing only some of them.

Managing Reliance on Pesticides

When you reduce the threats in the air, you reduce your need for chemical pesticides. This protection doesn’t only benefit organic growers, though it can be a real boon for that niche – it can also limit your need to monitor pesticide use. Pesticide residue is a real health concern for consumers, so developing a system that lessens your reliance on heavy pesticides can help you establish that quality and trust – even as testing becomes more and more stringent. Further than that, you can outright reduce the presence of microbials on your product with proper air purification – satisfying another set of quality testing standards. Establish reliable quality and safety, provide pure air for your cannabis plants.

Boosting Product Quality

The bottom line of a cannabis quality management system should be cannabis quality! Plant health depends on a number of factors, and as we’ve explored before, air quality is among them. Certain compounds in the air can have a negative effect on plant development, and every part of the plant from the roots to the leaves and flowers are affected by air quality through respiration. Circulating pure air not only protects your plants – it gives them a better chance at proper development, which can increase the overall quality of your product.

The Beginning of Ideal Cannabis Quality Management

With air quality under consideration, your quality management system is off to a great start. Keep more of your crops, keep your product consistent, and produce something that consumers can trust. AiroClean420 can help – learn more about the technology we use, give us a call to see how AiroClean420 can fit into your process.

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