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How Cannabis Compliance Can Cost You

Commercial growers know there is a lot more to cultivating cannabis than keeping plants alive with a green thumb. Your crop is the product medical patients and retail consumers trust to be high-quality. There are several ways to keep your facility compliant. With over 1,500 units in North American facilities, AiroClean420 air purification systems have helped to minimize compliance infractions throughout the industry. Discover below how cannabis compliance can cost you, and learn how we can help you reduce compliance threats.

Keep Chemicals Out

Many competitors rely on air filters, heavy fungicides, and other harmful chemicals to keep powdery mildew off their marijuana plants. Though they may keep PM at bay, they produce toxic emissions for plants and potential respiratory issues for your employees. One of the top 5 compliance infractions is inaccurate Material Safety Data Sheet Inventory. In the infractions article, the compliance software company stated:

“Each cultivation facility must have an accurate, up-to-date listing of all Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals and pesticides on-site. Any containers of liquids that are unidentified (unmarked) may lead to a complete inspection of all chemicals and pesticides, as well as additional marijuana testing scrutiny. State regulators may request involvement from the Department of Agriculture if issues with chemicals or pesticides exist.”

With an AiroClean420 system, NO chemicals are needed to kill powdery mildew or other airborne fungal diseases. When no chemicals are necessary, you can get ahead of competitors who use them. Doing this, you can focus your efforts more on the quality of your cannabis crop and less on meeting pesticide safety requirements.

Protecting your harvest from seed-to-sale has become increasingly important for growers. By trusting AiroClean420 to keep your plants disease-free WITHOUT producing harmful emissions other sanitation products cause, you’re one step closer to passing compliance tests, reducing the effects of potentially harmful chemicals and/or toxic gases such as ozone and out-growing the competition.

Ace Your Tests

Apart from MSDS inventory, your facility will also need to pass a microbial contaminant test. While mold on marijuana buds is already catastrophic, failing this compliance test is, too. states:

“After a Retail Cultivation license receives a single failed microbial contaminant test for retail marijuana flower or trim, the licensee must either destroy all associated marijuana or send all associated marijuana to a licensed Retail Manufacturing Facility who conducts solvent‐based extractions to be processed into a Solvent‐Based Concentrate.”

Airoclean420 air purification systems, again, will aid in passing this compliance test. They work to sterilize the air, remove impurities, limit cross-contamination risk, and prevent mold infestations. As you prepare for other compliance tests, you can rest assured your plants’ air is clean and your time is spent efficiently.


Continued Growth

Growing cannabis successfully is a feat in itself, but keeping your facility compliant is another. If you fail compliance and have to destroy your crop, you’ll miss out on plant growth and US cannabis sales. In short, failing cannabis compliance can cost you more than just a few plants.

Marijuana Business Daily’s 2018 Factbook projects, “annual retail marijuana sales in the United States could top $22 billion, which would represent more than a 250% increase from 2017.”

2019 will see new trends in the cannabis industry, and with this growth will come more regulation. Reduce stress, effort, and costs to remain compliant by easily installing an AiroClean420 system. Contact us to learn more about specific compliance tests and how we can help.

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