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Kill Powdery Mildew Before It Kills Your Crop

AiroClean420 Kill Powdery Mildew Before It Kills Your Crop

The cannabis industry continues to grow, and as more companies enter the industry, competition is also on the rise. When you invest in high-quality cannabis, you need to ensure your investment is being protected.

Powdery mildew is considered to be the most serious plant disease growers face. If powdery mildew infects even one plant, it has the potential to devastate your entire cannabis business. To avoid this destruction, you can kill powdery mildew before it kills your crop by using a proven leader, with over 1,500 units in North America, AiroClean420 air purification system.

Powdery Mildew is Everywhere

Without taking proper precautions, it is only a matter of time before powdery mildew finds a home on your marijuana plants. It is an incredibly common plant disease for all types of fruits and vegetables. However, it has a particular affinity for cannabis plants.

Powdery mildew is extremely harmful on marijuana plants. Since it is an issue most growers face, knowing the cause of powdery mildew can help you prevent it from attacking your plants.

Reasons such as poor air circulation, over-fertilization, and high humidity can give powdery mildew the opportunity to land and spread to your entire crop. However, the most common cause of powdery mildew is compromised air quality. Without purified air, your facility is vulnerable to airborne pathogens and fungal spores.

Be Proactive, Kill Powdery Mildew

Aside from treating infected plants with apple cider vinegar, removing the plant or other temporary remedies, the best way to kill powdery mildew is before the domino effect. By easily installing an AiroClean420 system, you are eliminating the fungal enemy.

Our patented green technology works to destroy harmful airborne microbes with no byproducts and NO EMISSIONS. Clinical studies show our technology kills 99.9999% of microbials and VOCs.

By being proactive in your efforts to kill powdery mildew, you are saving your grow facility from catastrophic diseases all while maintaining a clean environment. This helps cultivate a healthy organic crop, and it keeps your company competitive in the cannabis industry.

Start at the Top, Save Your Crops

Purifying the air in your cannabis grow facility is the most effective place to start. Many growers rely on air filters, but this approach does NOT work to prevent mold spores, bacteria, and other undesirable molecules from spreading throughout your grow room. The AiroClean420 system uses a chemical reaction to remove air pollutants that threaten your harvest.

Competition is growing, so your company can’t afford a catastrophic event like powdery mildew on your marijuana plants. With an air purification system, you will kill powdery mildew before it kills your crop and your business. Contact us to be confident in your clean, quality cannabis.

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