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2019 Cannabis Trends

2018 was a booming year for the cannabis industry. With Canada’s national legalization and now 30 US states legalizing medical marijuana, 2019 is sure to be another year of growth and success for North America. From everything we learned in 2018, here are five trends we expect to see in the cannabis industry in 2019.

1. Edibles

As marijuana usage increases, so have the ways in which to do so. It’s common for dispensaries to offer a wide array of edible cannabis products for individuals who do not wish to smoke. Growers in the US must produce cannabis on a wider scale of use. More plants for more products means more opportunity for mold destruction, but AiroClean420 units are proven to destroy powdery mildew on edibles.

The demand for edibles in the US will continue to increase. While still not legal in Canada, infused edibles are expected to draw in more American consumers this year. A recent investment article stated, “Smokable cannabis expenditure is estimated at $5 billion in 2019 but, once legalized and established, [Deloitte is] estimating the edibles sector will be between $12 and $22 billion once they are added to national legislation.”

2. Organic

Like edibles, consumers are becoming much more cognizant and cautious about what they put in their bodies. A recent Forbes article mentioned that transparency in what is in consumer products will become a vital part of a brand in 2019. Knowing there are no harmful chemicals, fungicides, pesticides or other ingredients they can’t pronounce will elevate your cannabis brand to the top of the preference list. One way to protect your organic cannabis and go green(er) with your grow facility is to install and rely on an AiroClean420 air purification system. With NO EMISSIONS, no chemicals or residue, your marijuana crop can flourish in the demand for organic products.


3. CBD

Alongside the trend of organic products, cannabinoid, or CBD, is making a huge splash in consumer products. CBD has recently been highlighted as a big trend in the market by several cannabis-related entrepreneurs. Currently, they are available in several food, skin, pet and fitness products. Many of these brands have discovered the wide range of benefits from CBD and the increase in consumer interest. As a widely accepted, legal cannabis byproduct without the psychoactive effects, CBD isn’t going away any time soon.

4. More Investment

With more states legalizing medical marijuana, the need for research and testing has grown. Thus, an increased need for lab testing and analyzing results. The previous article link notes that lab testing “will improve product consistency and medical benefits.” Testing will ensure quality products are provided to patients. As well as, more time and money invested in finding the highest advances in quality. One way lab results will improve for your grow is by utilizing an AiroClean420 Air Purification System in your facility.

The states that have legalized recreational marijuana have seen an even larger monetary benefit. A Colorado state report showed that marijuana sales generated $247 million in tax revenue. As a result, many growers and dispensaries are investing in better accounting systems. As well as a continued focus on improving the quality of their cannabis to enhance investor support or acquisition interest.

5. Continued Growth

2018 was a year full of expansion and discovery, and we expect 2019 to be full of growth, acceptance, and innovation. We are here to support cannabis growers in the industry by providing AiroClean420 Air Purification Systems that protect their marijuana plants and their employees. If you’re ready to start your new year with fresh, fungal-free harvests, contact us!


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