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Protect Your Organic Cannabis & Invest in Quality

Protect your organic cannabis & invest in quality air purification system, AiroClean420

As more cannabis growers come into the marketplace, competition is on the rise. Due to the increasing competition in the cannabis industry, your brand needs to continue producing high quality products. Many cannabis growers follow the demand of organic marijuana but only focus on quantity to keep competitive. We at AiroClean420 can advise you on how to protect your organic cannabis and invest in quality.

Organic Growth

The North American cannabis industry continues to grow, and as the market becomes more saturated with grower options, patients are being more diligent than ever with what type of product they choose and who they get their marijuana from. This has sparked a rise in the organic cannabis business. People want to know their marijuana, whether for medical treatment or recreational use, is high quality. No mold or mildew and free of potentially harmful chemicals.

When used for medical purposes, organic marijuana avoids harmful compounds that could further hinder a patient’s health. Additionally, environmentally conscious consumers often turn to organic cannabis as a way to reduce their footprint. These consumers worry about the impact of fungicides on human health and the well being of the planet.

One way to ensure your organic harvest is mold and mildew free is by treating it and stopping powdery mildew in an organic way with an AiroClean420 air purification system. We use completely safe technology which is listed and certified as an FDA Class 2 Medical Device. It is also an established green technology, certified to produce NO OZONE or any other by-product.


AiroClean420 system is easy to install. Since our patented catalyst cleans itself and does not need to be replaced, the only maintenance required is the annual replacement of the system’s proprietary PCO lamps.

The unit purifies the air and removes airborne pathogens and plant diseases, so it will help your facility pass compliance tests and eliminates the need for pesticides. In addition to being environmentally friendly, our system also makes your job of running an efficient organic grow facility easier.

When you invest in quality cannabis, you want to reap the rewards. One way AiroClean420 can help maximize your return is by using a self-cleaning Photocatalytic Reactor. Since the unit runs 24/7, preventing powdery mildew the natural way, its components keep itself operational and clean.

You’ll also save on facility bills because the unit is immensely energy efficient and maintains a low operational cost. How? By consuming less energy than two (100 watt) light bulbs!

AiroClean420 Air Purification Unit in Grow Facility

Competitive Quality

The best way to beat the competition and protect your organic cannabis is to invest in producing quality product. An AiroClean420 air purification system allows you to focus on cultivating a clean, organic product instead of wasting time, effort and money on the chemicals other growers deal with daily.

Aside from pesticides being harmful and unappetizing, they instantly restrict your crop from having an organic tag. Your customers will appreciate the effort and cognizance of your organic, high quality marijuana. Then you get to enjoy the benefits of running an energy AND cost efficient organic grow facility.

With over 1,500 units operating in North America, we pride ourselves in offering a truly organic solution to protect your organic cannabis. We’ll help you produce your highest quality marijuana yet! If you’re interested in investing in high quality cannabis and getting a leg up on the organic competition, contact us to get started.


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