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AiroClean420 Has 1,500+ Units Operating in North America

How do so many commercial growers keep powdery mildew off their marijuana plants? With our air purification system, of course! AiroClean420 now has 1,500+ units operating in North America. Our system is the most effective technology on the market that sanitizes the air surrounding cannabis plants with NO EMISSIONS.

No Secret, Just Sanitation

Keeping powdery mildew off cannabis crops and eliminating other fungal diseases is what Airoclean420 does. But how does it work? The system takes the contaminated air in cannabis grow houses through our Bio-Conversion Reactor. Within this reactor, there are several thousand substrates (catalyst) which are coated with our patented solution. There is also a proprietary light source that provides the photon energy to activate the catalyst which in turn forms Hydroxyl Radicals (these are attached to the surface of the catalyst – thus, making the technology 100% safe with no emissions).

When powdery mildew, fungi, VOCs and other pathogens pass over AiroClean420’s catalyst, the Hydroxyl Radicals mineralize them with no by-products. No chemicals or toxic gases, like Ozone, are utilized or produced. All airborne pathogenic microorganism and VOC destruction takes place within this Bio-Conversion Reactor Bed. As a result, clean, sanitized air distributes throughout your facility with no harmful emissions to you or your marijuana plants.

Where Are the 1,500+ Units?

Many North American cannabis companies use AiroClean420 to eliminate powdery mildew on their products. From edibles and extracts to medical and recreational marijuana, every grower faces the same common causes of powdery mildew. However, with an AiroClean420 Air Sanitation System, each unit generates clean air that protects plants and people against harmful chemicals and residue.

Mile High Remedies, LLC is a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here’s what they said about their AiroClean420 experience:

“We were quite skeptical about the AiroClean420 at first. We had continually fought powdery mildew, it was always a struggle. Since installing the units in veg and flowering, we saw a marked improvement immediately, and subsequently, the PM issue has GONE AWAY. Thanks to the AiroClean420, our plants are producing better quantity and quality, which is good for us and our patients.” Darcey Hansen – Owner

Nature’s Medicine is a medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona. They chose AiroClean420 to keep their grow compliant and mold-free. Here’s what they saw as a result:

“The AiroClean420 systems are working very well. The mold has disappeared from the grow; it was like magic that as soon as I put up the last one, the mold was gone! Excellent product. I have recommended to many of my colleagues.” Adam Silvestri – Owner

Stop Powdery Mildew and Get Growing!

For commercial cannabis growers, powdery mildew removal remains an ongoing difficult task. On the other hand, our Developed for NASA system is designed for ease of use. Above all, it’s an effective organic way to keep your cannabis plants free of mold, mildew and devastating disease. Ready for your facility to be mold-free? Contact us and get a FREE started guide!

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