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Protect Marijuana from Seed to Harvest

protect marijuana from seed to harvest

From planting your cannabis seeds to harvesting your crop, it is vital to keep fungal diseases out of your grow facility. Spores and airborne pathogens can easily spread through the air at any point in your plants’ process and infect your plants and your buds. With over 20 years of experience working with air sanitation in a variety of marketplaces including the cannabis industry, AiroClean420 has the specialized solution you can trust to protect marijuana from seed to harvest.

Fungal Free from the Ground Up

Powdery mildew and other fungal spores primarily target young plants and leaves. When you begin your planting process, you’ll want to make sure your growing medium keeps pH constant and allows for good drainage from watering. From the medium, you’ll want to make sure your plants are not crowding each other. Powdery mildew can easily spread from one flowering plant to another when they are too close together.

Even if your medium is primed and your facility is spacious, the air surrounding your plants can house microscopic cannabis killers. You’ve taken care of your plants from the ground, but it’s pertinent to maintain a clean environment for your marijuana from seed to harvest. Basic air filters do NOT catch harmful pathogens. Chemical treatments, cleaners, and sanitizers can leave an unsafe residue or emit ozone. The AiroClean420 air purification system prevents powdery mildew during flowering. It eliminates blight on buds and destroys pathogens to keep them off your crops safely with NO EMISSIONS.

Avoid Blight on Buds

As most fungal diseases are airborne, even your hanging harvest can be infected. Once the white powder clings to one plant, it easily spreads to others near it. You can clip and remove the diseased leaves and buds, but without an effective air purification system, the powdery mildew can be catastrophic to your entire cannabis crop.

Powdery mildew on live plants looks different than on harvested buds. It may even be harder to detect once cropped. For instance, if buds smell slightly sour or different than what you’re used to, separate these buds from the rest. Though you’ve removed the infection, microscopic spores can remain. Also, if you’re producing edibles, it may cause your product to be harmful once ingested. Blight on marijuana plants is hazardous to both plants and people. By maintaining a grow facility with clean air, you can destroy powdery mildew and avoid damage.

Purify and Preserve

If you’re just starting or have an established grow facility, the safest and smartest investment you can make for your business is an AiroClean420 air purification system. This will allow you to preserve your cannabis crop from deadly fungi, mold and other airborne plant diseases. If you have experienced a diseased crop and want to protect your marijuana from seed to harvest, call us at 1-844-247-3913 or fill out our questionnaire to get your free facility proposal.

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