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An Efficient Alternative to Bud Washing for Cannabis

an efficient alternative to bud washing

You go to great lengths for the health of your product and the consumer, creating an ideal environment for growing cannabis. You ensure tools and personnel are clean before entering the grow room, and cure your product in a controlled area, before (potentially) finally sending it off for testing. Even if you’re in a state where microbial testing isn’t mandatory, you know that clean cannabis is safe cannabis – and you likely work to keep pests, bacteria, and fungus off of your plants so customers can enjoy your product without worry. Bud washing is one way you may think covers all the bases for clean cannabis, but there are plenty of drawbacks to this process. We have a better way, one that can even help prevent crop losses. Read on to learn about AiroClean420.

The Problem with Bud Washing for Cannabis

It’s true that bud washing can often get superficial surface particles off of cannabis. Dust and dirt can’t stand up to a shake in the water, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, etc. However, fungal spores are harder to remove than that – often requiring some kind of chemical fungicide. In any farming situation, organic or not, the reduction of chemicals and time spent washing harvested cannabis would be a serious boon. Luckily, there’s a better way to ensure your cannabis is safe than dunking it in lemon juice, and it will save much more time than washing every harvest by hand.

Protecting Your Plants with Pure Air

Air circulation is crucial to plant health – but defending against what’s in the air can be just as important. Fungal spores, bacteria, viruses, all of these can be carried into your grow room on the air and land on your plants. That’s why you would wash your buds – but if you prevent contaminants from landing on your cannabis in the first place, you could avoid bud washing entirely. Filters only catch particles that are small enough to get stuck in their structure, but some spores are too small for a standard carbon filter to stop, and too persistent to wash off. That’s why you need a true air purification system for your cannabis.

Real Purification for Your Entire Grow

Purification for your whole facility is available, and it’s easy to protect your crops! AiroClean420 makes it simple, with powerful technology Developed for NASA. Discover how you can cover your entire grow – use this calculator to request a facility proposal and talk to us about how AiroClean420 can help streamline your process. With next-generation purification technology behind you, you can rest assured that your grow is safe, clean, and protected.

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